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McMahon Group is a full-service, private club consulting firm dedicated to serving clubs in all aspects of their strategic planning, clubhouse, golf and membership needs.

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McMahon Group, Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace and Club Benchmarking, three of the most highly respected firms serving private clubs, have established the Club Leaders Alliance. After more than ten years of working together independently, the firms felt it was essential to work more closely in order to more effectively serve clubs in all their operational, financial, staffing, strategic and facility aspects. 

If it has been done in the club industry, it has been done in the over 3,000 clubs the Alliance firms have served. Whether it is management search, understanding club finances, strategic planning or facility planning; the Alliance member firms have the unequaled expertise and skills to resolve any club challenge. We are here to provide your club with our expertise, as clubs are our only business.




A Time to Refresh, A Time to Reset – A Time for Action!

Special Post Covid-19 Summer McMahon Group Offering   

If ever there was a time to do some strategic planning for your club, it is now. Heretofore clubs could go with the flow in an ever expanding economy and stock market, but those days are over. Clubs now need to rethink thier offerings and how they will provide them. This is not a time to bury one’s head in the sand and hope Covid-19 will just disappear. And even when we win this battle, there is always the next one we must be prepared for.

Summer Special Covid-Period Offering – This is not time for club leaders to rest on their laurels. As such McMahon Group has streamlined its Refresher Strategic Planning Process to help boards and managers take control of their club’s Covid-19 situation and to make “Lemonade out of Lemons”. This is what real leadership is about. The McMahon “Refresh and Reset” program quickly gets members’ input on a Covid-19 questionnaire and then use this input in developing or refreshing a targeted strategic plan and action program.

The “Refresh and Reset” planning process only takes 3 weeks to complete once the membership input is available. And most importantly, the completion of the strategic plan is completed by the board and manager over a weekend, typically a Friday night and Saturday morning.


Over 2,000 distinguished clients

We have served clubs throughout the world in all aspects of their facilitiies, strategic planning, clubhouse, golf and membership needs along with providing research to forecast the trends in society.

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