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McMahon Group is a full-service, private club consulting firm dedicated to serving clubs in all aspects of their strategic planning, clubhouse, golf and membership needs.

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Over 2,000 distinguished clients

We have served clubs throughout the world in all aspects of their facilitiies, strategic planning, clubhouse, golf and membership needs along with providing research to forecast the trends in society.

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Unity Within the Community

There are clubs and then there are gated community clubs. The similarities between the two are obvious, but they are also starkly different entities. While almost all country and specialty sports clubs draw members from nearby, it is essential that clubs located within gated developments draw support from all residents. First, a club set behind…

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Comprehensive Membership Survey

In McMahon Group’s arsenal of survey and research tools for private clubs, the mainstay is the Comprehensive Membership Survey.  Clubs tend to initiate Comprehensive Surveys in cycles of three to five years.  In many cases, the initial impetus to conduct such a survey is a major issue the Club is facing, perhaps at the outset…

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