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To be the premier, full-service, club and HOA consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs, communities and their management with the best possible facility and strategic planning expertise to promote each club’s and community’s well being, to enhance the profession of management and to assist presidents and boards in their delivery of effective governance.


McMahon Group provides the information, insight and planning solutions club leaders need to create the ultimate experience for their members and success for their clubs.

McMahon Group is a strong believer in realistic and practical strategic planning for private clubs as they face the new economic realities of a very value-conscious society. As a part of this belief, we publish our insight regularly in our newsletter (The McMahon Report®) and publications (Club Trends® co-published with the National Club Association). We frequently reference our insights back to real life examples of our clients in our portfolio. We support the Excellence in Club Management® Award and the Clubs of Excellence™, which recognize the best club managers and the clubs they serve.