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Bill McMahon

Vice President

Bill is a private club planner who has been working with McMahon Group since 1999. Bill is Co-Editor of the quarterly trends report, Club Trends, published with the National Club Association where he is on the Communications Committee. Bill studied architecture at Arizona State University and graduated from Webster University in St. Louis with a degree in Media Communications.

He is a member of Bellerive Country Club and currently serves on the Pool Committee. Bill is also on the National Club Association (NCA) Communications Committee. In addition, Bill is on the Board of the Tennessee Society of St. Louis as the Second Vice President, and is on the Board of Cinema St. Louis.

Bill also created and runs the Clubtopia® business directory for the club world located at

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Essential Role of Governance

We are about to enter our sixth year of publishing Club Trends with the National Club Association (NCA), and we continually strive to make it one of the best industry publications available to club leaders. The information provided in Club Trends is not only there to assist managers with the daily operation of the club,…

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The Clubhouse – New or Renovated?

Every older club sooner or later has to deal with this issue. Does the club pour good money into an older clubhouse or does the club replace it? More and more clubs today are faced with facilities approaching the end of their useful lives. The cost to transform these older clubhouses into compliance with current…

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Mastering Club Master Planning to Assure Club Success

Over and over again, as the specialty club consulting firm which is ultimately responsible for getting many club facility projects approved, we see master plans developed that propose many improvements, but have little bearing on assuring the future success of a club. Such improvements address today’s facility shortcomings, but they do little to address the…

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Know What You Need Before Drawing Useless Plans

Quick fixes can quickly backfire Time and time again, we find boards and their architects approaching club facility needs with little thought about the long-term strategic, financial and member-attracting needs of their club. Since these club leaders have no real strategic understanding of their club’s true mission or its purpose (other than offering what they…

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How’s Your Security?

One of the most important topics affecting our lives today is the issue of security both in our everyday world and in the cyber realm. Clubs must continually increase their focus on ensuring their members and staff are safe while on the property, as well as maintaining secure data about members and club information on…

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Implementing a Facility Planning Process

An essential part of a club manager’s responsibilities is maintaining attractive and efficient facilities. An essential part of a club manager’s responsibilities is maintaining attractive and efficient facilities. Whether front or back of house deficiencies, a vigilant manager is the first to notice. When facilities fall below high-quality club standards and improvements are needed, the manager must…

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Plan, Approve & Build Facilities the Right Way

One of the most challenging experiences club managers face is properly handling a major club improvement program. If done correctly, it is one of the most rewarding achievements. Such programs are necessary as facilities age, new programs need new spaces and even when a new clubhouse is needed. In today’s atmosphere of planning and funding improvements, we at McMahon Group strive to provide the best…

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