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Richard Lareau

Director of Member Experience

Richard has worked in the private club industry since 1992. His more than 24 years of experience in club management as a food and beverage specialist has enabled him to develop well-trained professional teams that deliver friendly service and consistently efficient, high-quality cuisine resulting in increased member participation, higher revenues and bottom-line contributions to the overhead of the club. He is a manager’s friend and assistant in delivering a club’s dining promise.

Richard is a Certified Club Manager (CCM) and Certified Chief Executive (CCE). He is winner of the 2009 Mel Rex Award from the Excellence in Club Management® Awards; and, was awarded Club Manager of the Year by the Texas Lone Star Chapter in 2013 for his achievements and contributions to the private club industry. Richard is an active member of Les Amis des Escoffier, Chaine des Rotisserie and The International Wine Society.

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Lessons from Alice in Wonderland

This refrain from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland could not be more relevant to clubs today who neither have a published, “board-approved” Mission Statement nor constructed an annual budget that is focused on a financial outcome, rather than member-experience outcome. Clubs who have reached out to McMahon Group for assistance in improving their operational outcomes to…

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Join the “Favorite Place Status” Wave!

Favorite Place Status Managers at clubs throughout the country are recognizing the benefits of achieving “Favorite Place Status”. While the sports and recreational amenities at clubs remain significant drivers that initially attract new members to clubs today, it is the social camaraderie and the quality of the club’s hospitality that are core to members’ unique…

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The Secret to Club Success

As we look to the future of the private club industry, we see two interconnected issues having the most impact on club success: How clubs are governed How clubs are managed Without effective leadership in both areas, clubs will languish and slowly decline. The days of member waiting lists to join golf and country clubs…

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