Belle Meade Country Club Replaces 53-Year-Old Turf Care Center

Belle Meade Maintenance

From concept to completion, nearly five years have passed; but, through the determination and perseverance of Golf Course Superintendent, Doug Ward, and flag bearers from the Green Committee and Board of Directors, the finished Turf Care Center has the fit and finish of an Armani suit.

McMahon Group Director of Architecture, Glen Selligman, AIA walked the group through numerous iterations of the master plan. With my assistance as a consultant and golf course industry veteran, the Turf Care Center Campus is a study in industrial architecture.

The three Turf Care Center buildings have split-faced masonry block, white fiber cement lap siding and black fiberglass shingles, resembling the main clubhouse and other Club buildings. The Turf Care Center buildings are arranged in a courtyard style, separated to enhance movement between usage of each unique area.

Protecting the Club – Funding the Future

An asset reserve study is an in-depth evaluation of a property’s physical features, building(s) and components. Based on a thorough on-site inspection, a custom detailed reserve study specifies and anticipates replacements or repairs to a club’s buildings, sites and feature components. It also recommends annual reserve funding to cover capital expenditures for a specified time. Simply put, a well-prepared reserve study can help avert special assessments as well as excessive and unexpected club indebtedness. An asset reserve study should be a cornerstone of a well-managed club.

The most accurate reserve studies are conducted by an engineer and/or architect who knows building construction. In addition to a degree, top-tier reserve study professionals typically hold an industry accreditation based on experience and advanced education with accreditations such as Reserve Specialist (RS) earned through the Community Associations Institute, or Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) awarded by the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts.

So when considering this important forecasting tool, be certain to choose a club specialist uniquely qualified to support the special needs of the private club business; and, whether you’re considering a renovation or complete new Turf Care Center, with a McMahon Group Master Plan you will be working with the most experienced team available to your club.

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