Facility Planning

The Clubhouse – New or Renovated?

Every older club sooner or later has to deal with this issue. Does the club pour good money into an older clubhouse or does the club replace it? More and more clubs today are faced with facilities approaching the end of their useful lives. The cost to transform these older clubhouses into compliance with current…

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The Essential Relationship Between Strategic & Facility Planning

Club facility planning for major capital projects is probably the most challenging task a private club manager and Board will do. Good facility planning sets a club up for success or lost opportunities. But interestingly, true facility success is more dependent on initial strategic planning than on architectural elegance. Historically, clubs have approached facility planning…

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Mastering Club Master Planning to Assure Club Success

Over and over again, as the specialty club consulting firm which is ultimately responsible for getting many club facility projects approved, we see master plans developed that propose many improvements, but have little bearing on assuring the future success of a club. Such improvements address today’s facility shortcomings, but they do little to address the…

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