Lessons from Alice in Wonderland

This refrain from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland could not be more relevant to clubs today who neither have a published, “board-approved” Mission Statement nor constructed an annual budget that is focused on a financial outcome, rather than member-experience outcome. Clubs who have reached out to McMahon Group for assistance in improving their operational outcomes to…

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Rebirth at The Country Club of New Canaan

This fine Connecticut club found itself in an interesting position after weathering the great recession. Pre-recession, the Club had a long waiting list of potential members waiting to join. Post-recession, that waiting list disappeared along with a generation of members under age 50. The problem was a very basic one – every nearby club had…

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How Achieving “Favorite Place Status” Drove $20 Million Club Improvement Project

In 2014, Country Club of New Canaan surveyed its members, which exposed opportunities for growth in upgrading facilities, programs and services. They then developed a club improvement master plan to upgrade their facilities; but, there was a problem. Over the years, the Club’s membership had not been very happy with their experiences in a la…

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