Creating the Private Club Version of Topgolf

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Transforming Your Golf Practice Range

What takes a golf practice range and makes it a year-round, night-and-day golf entertainment center? A few little additions do the deed. Add a competitive game, some good food, a little libation and camaraderie among friends, and you have the private club version of Topgolf. In other words, create a version of Cheers on your range so the club becomes known for fun entertainment as well as recreation and dining. Now, while many clubs have added indoor and outdoor golf training facilities on their ranges, notice how little they are used other than for paid lessons or training. Even with simulators, the use is just not there; but, add the food and drink components to the range, a little fun gamesmanship among members of all ages, and wow! Members love it! Just think what makes platform tennis work at clubs. It is the warming hut that drives the social interaction among members.

The Right Environment

When providing an entertainment range, focus on creating an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable for people to socialize. Accommodate both programed events and walk-on play. Use the seating space for groups of people ranging from multiple foursomes, to more boisterous groups of 10 to 12 people, to a full-fledged nighttime social event. Ball tracking technology and proper lighting keep members coming in when the rain pours and the sun fades. So get ready for members to be at the club late into the night and during the winter season.

Balancing Act

Balance existing range usage using simulators. By carving out space with equipment layouts, simulators and ballistic screens, the range remains open to traditional activities while games thrive and members carouse in the sealed indoor facilities. Make sure to provide spaces for members that want to participate as an active audience. They bring lively cheers to encourage the competing gamers.

Location! Location! Location!

Directly adjacent to the group hitting suites is a member bar that is the focal point of the new facility. It creates an opportunity for members to casually engage in conversation before, during and after their time in a hitting suite, and it provides continuity for members expecting to see other members. Get ready for members sprouting out of the turf to enjoy each other’s company among the backdrop of this new, yet familiar, club amenity.

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