Post Covid Refresh & Reset

What is COVID Re fre sh a nd Re set ™ ? It is the private club strategy for reopening clubs in safe and effective ways for this summer. During this challenging period of unknown duration we need to rethink our club offerings and how we provide them. We must instill confidence that clubs are safe, welcoming places in controlled environments, and safer than most public places. To accomplish this clubs will certainly need controls on members and staff, enhanced hygiene and most importantly, cooperation among members to protect one another from contagion. Clubs must feel like a family of members who care for each other. A purpose of “ Re fre sh a nd Re set ” is to provide safe areas of refuge members want in places of recreation and social interaction. And to accomplish this, club boards and managers have to lead the way. The “ Re fre sh a nd Re set ” process allows members, boards and managers to develop and implement the changes needed for now and the future. √ Membership retention/growth √ Dining reopened √ Recreation reopened √ Effective governance √ Prioritizing facility improvements √ Providing safe clubs √ Moving forward, not retreating √ Achieving very satisfied members √ Resolving outdated rules √ Developing newways to communicate √ Embracing technology √ Turning a crisis into opportunity Covid Challenges Addressed in Re f re sh a n d Re s et ™ COVID STRATEGY PLANNING The Re fre sh a nd Re set ™ Outline The planning begins with a board and manager committing to addressing the challenges the COVID-19 impact is having on their club. Then with McMahon Group’s lead consultants providing the strategic planning expertise, the “ Re fre sh a nd Re set ” steps are: FIRST - Get input from members with a brief, online survey focused on Covid period issues and necessary changes they want. SECOND - Use members’ survey input for the board and manager to identify the major strategic issues with solutions for safety, finances, reopening, membership retention, communications, etc. THIRD - Conduct a strategic planning, board and manager retreat to study existing operating conditions, the member survey results and the COVID impact challenges so the board and management can reopen the club. The process develops a SWOT analysis, mission review, immediate goals and action plans to reopen. The “ Re fre sh a nd Re set ” plan is communicated to the members to explain reopening and moving forward. “ Re fre sh a nd Re set ” takes 2 weeks for the survey and 3 weeks to develop the strategy plan for implementation.