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670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 Phone: 314.744.5040 P R I VAT E C L U B P L A N N E R S & C O N S U LTA N T S ® T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E ™ 2,000+ Clubs Served We serve the best clubs in North America and World. This includes our own as we understand clubs, their members and managers. 700+ Strategic Plans Developed We provide the experience and expertise to help clubs of all types. Not only do we develop plans, but we help implement them 1,200+ Membership Surveys Completed No one surveys clubs like McMahon. Our research is all about members and what drives their satisfaction STRATEGIC PLANNING CONSULTANTS WHO SHAPE THE CLUB INDUSTRY LET US HELP YOU Re f re sh a n d Re s et ™ YOUR CLUB FOR MAXIMUM SUCCESS! Why Choose McMahon Group for your Re f re sh a n d Re s et ™ ? Our principals are Strategic Planning Specialists totally dedicated to private clubs, having completed over 700 Strategic Plans, 1500 facility plans and serving over 2,000+ clubs in the last 38 years. We are club members ourselves who have been Presidents, Board members and Committee Members at our own country, golf, city, yacht and specialty clubs. Our first-hand experiences and knowledge in solving club problems, are well-recognized throughout the private club world. Our sole business is private clubs. Our principals not only help develop strategies, but we have the in-house capabilities to help implement them.