Club Trends: A New Outlook for 2020

Operating with a New Outlook T he coronavirus pandemic has reshaped our world in virtually every facet by forcing industries and individuals to dramatically change behaviors and operations in short notice. For clubs, these changes have created uncertainty while begging the question: how can clubs safely thrive as they reemerge in a new normal? This issue of Club Trends discusses many of the biggest issues clubs will face in the post- COVID-19 world and provides a new outlook on how clubs should operate and govern. Most importantly, this magazine helps clubs strategize how to maintain their status as a safe haven for members and staff. COVID-19 has changed club strategy. In “Clubhouse Facility Planning for the Post-COVID-19 World” on page 15, clubs now have a new component to their strategic mission: What makes your club safe and secure? The impacts of this consideration stretch further than increased sanitation and social distancing. A relevant post-COVID-19 club now includes enhanced facility layout and design, security, programming, food and beverage operations, member behavior tracking and much more. Technology has been a welcomed part of club operations and communications since the onset of the coronavirus. The virtual clubhouse has now infiltrated the club paradigm, equipped with amenities and socializing opportunities. Technology has also provided new safety opportunities to conduct contact tracing and measure member and staff temperatures. Zoom and other virtual meetings technologies have allowed club staff and boards to safely coordinate and govern. While much has changed, the COVID-19 crisis has emphasized longtime best practices in financial and staffing categories. Clubs that have the proper balance of revenue creation will be best suited for economic downturns or shutdowns. Similarly, clubs with a strong work culture that cultivate and attract top talent will remain strong as competition recruits the best prospects. The perspectives and information in this issue of Club Trends provide critical guidance to help your club operate confidently in an uncertain time. Though much is unknown in the days ahead, the outlook for private clubs remains strong as clubs adhere to the core principles that made them successful and respond to new challenges and opportunities. Summer 2020 | 1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY