McMahon Community Planning Report - Fall 2021

T H E S O U R C E F O R S T R A T E G I C C O M M U N I T Y S U C C E S S ™ MCMAHON’ S Community Planning Report The answer is to elect the good, dedicated residents to their HOA Boards and to carefully select the best community leaders to serve as presidents. Then the community needs to develop a STRATEGIC PLAN for the community and its HOA. Without this plan, chaos reigns. With this plan the community develops it’s mission, goals and action plans for achieving critical goals for all HOA aspects. This includes facility improvements and how to fund them. It is at this point that McMahon Community Consultants’ role in developing community strategic plans, resident surveys, facility master plans and facility improvement programs with funding is of great value. So if your community needs to enhance facilities, build support for doing improvements, raise capital and be able to communicate the need for capital facility projects, call us at McMahon Community. We provide on-site visits and recommendations on how to successfully master plan, fund and win approval of major facility programs. Please contact Alison McMahon at 314-744-5040 or for more information and/or to schedule a zoom or in-person meeting. We offer free brochures on surveys, master planning and improvement programs, and go to to download them. FALL 2021 by Chairman - William P. McMahon, Sr., AIA, OAA With large, gated communities growing as the nations population is shifting to the warmer, tax free states in the South, the residential communities in these regions are exploding with new home buyers. In Florida, new home sites are being given out by lotteries. Future houses have waiting lists of buyers. In these same popular communities with club-like recreation and dining facilities they are generally woefully under-sized. The community developers are providing just enough club-like facilities to sell the houses. So when build-out occurs, the recreation, dining and social facilities are undersized. But at this point in a new community’s life, the original developer is leaving and the overcrowded facilities are now the problem of all the homeowners. Usually the new residents are poorly equipped to govern their beautiful new community much less able to raise millions of dollars to expand the necessary facilities. So what should a community’s homeowners association do? How do the new Board members and their property managers respond to these crowding and inadequate club-like facilities? Strategic Planning for Communities with Club-Like Facilities OVER 15O COMMUNI T I ES SERVED - CONTACT US TODAY ! • MCMAHONCOMMUNI TY.COM