McMahon Community Planning Report | January 2021

T H E S O U R C E F O R S T R A T E G I C C O M M U N I T Y S U C C E S S ™ MCMAHON’ S Community Planning Report JANUARY 2021 Dear Community Manager & Board Member: Welcome to the first edition of the McMahon Community Planning Report. We are a Community consulting firm specializing in resident surveys, strategic planning and facility planning for Communities of all sizes across the country. We are a part of the McMahon Group, a 38 year old Community and club amenity consulting firm which has served over 2,000 Communities and clubs across the world. Our firm specializes in resolving strategic issues facing communities, studying how facilities are used, addressing how to improve them and getting residents to approve them. We understand Community operations and strategic facility planning as we have former community managers, facility planners, financial analysts and survey research experts on staff. Our principals are Jeff Evans, LSM, PCAM, MCM, formerly Managing Director at the Lake Naomi Community in Pennsylvania, Frank Vain, Chris Coulter, CCM, ECM and myself, who are the experienced strategic facility planners & architects who lead McMahon Community Consultants. Our survey and strategic facility planning process is the hallmark for achieving Community success. At McMahon we know how to develop consensus on Community facility projects. We offer you and your Commu- nity our expertise for solving strategic planning issues and making facility improvements so Boards can get residents to approve and fund them. Please contact Alison McMahon at or 314-744-5040 for more information and to schedule a First Impressions visit by a McMahon principal to your Community . Very truly yours, William P. McMahon, Sr., AIA, OAA - Chairman McMahon is here for Community Success CONTACT US TODAY - MCMAHONCOMMUNI TY.COM