McMahon Community Planning Report | Summer 2021

Back to reality, when many Planned Communities were created, the Developers spent millions and millions of dollars developing facilities that were the “draw” for attracting new Property Owners to the Community. Fast forward fifteen to twenty-five years or more and the Developers are long gone, the perfect world scenario does not exist and the Community has lost its sparkle and pizzazz. In many cases the needs, desires, expectations and aspirations of the Property Owners are not being met and there is little, if anything to draw new Prop- erty Owners to the Community. It is incumbent on the Community’s Leadership Team to step up and address this concern. As the team at McMahon Community Consultants travels across the United States and beyond assisting Planned Communities to move forward in a positive manner, we have found that the best means to address this challenge is through the Strategic Planning Process. Hands down, Planned Communities with a living, working, Strategic Plan that includes a Long-Range Facilities Master Planning Component and those that are reinvesting/updating their Community facilities are the Communities that are thriving, despite the pandemic and the ups and downs in the economy. It is nev- er too late to start the Strategic Planning and Facilities Master Planning Process. What the leadership team does today and during the next year with developing and implementing a Strategic Plan will determine the success of the Community in the years to come. Develop a plan to make your Community realize its full potential! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can assist you in any way. Email: ; Phone: 570.350.3550. T H E S O U R C E F O R S T R A T E G I C C O M M U N I T Y S U C C E S S ™ McMAHON’ S Community Planning Report SUMMER 2021 By Jeff Evans, LSM, PCAM, MCM, CCE, CCM, ECM Just like we as humans have a lifecycle, most everything else in life has a lifecycle. And many of us live in and/or work in Planned Communities where facilities have reached the end of their useful life. All Planned Communities, even the most stable ones, need to be preparing to meet not only the needs, desires, expectations and aspirations of the current Property Owners, but also the needs, desires expectations and aspirations of the next generation of Property Owners. In a perfect world, the Association in your Planned Community has an up-to-date Capital Reserve/ Replacement Study as well as a living, working Strategic Plan in place that includes a Long-Range Facilities Master Plan. Continuing in this perfect world scenario, the Community has been funding the upgrade and replacement of Community facilities on a regular basis as guided by the Long-Range Facilities Master Plan. Facility Upgrades: Not Really An Option CONTACT US TODAY - MCMAHONCOMMUNI TY.COM