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ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission: “To be the premier, full- service, club and HOA consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs, communities and their management with the best possible facility and strategic planning expertise to promote each club’s and community’s well being, to enhance the profession of management and to assist presidents and boards in their delivery of effective governance.” Family and management owned since 1983 with an outstanding professional staff. We have served clubs and communities throughout the world in all aspects. 39 YEARS I N BUSI NESS OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED OVER 150 HOA’S SERVED McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 For more information or to schedule a First Impression Visit, please contact Alison McMahon at WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding Programs • Membership Surveys and Research • Operations Consulting • HOA Community Consulting 2.5 BILLION RAI SED FROM THE CHAIRMAN Dear Club Executive: What a great CMAA Conference in San Diego last month as after two years, we were finally able to get together and enjoy one another’s company. It was so good to see everyone and talk about all the exciting things happening in the club industry. We at McMahon enjoyed hosting our Club of The Future early work shop with our Club Leadership Alliance (CLA) partners Kopplin Kuebler and Wallace and Club Benchmarking. We also enjoyed participating in the Club Wellness/Fitness/Spa facility session with Jeff Morgan and the panel as these club wellness offerings are the most in demand today. By the way, I want to congratulate Jeff Morgan, FASAE, CAE, and his CMAA team for a great conference as it was just well done. For the Excellence In Club Management® Award program, this is a year of change as the Awards programwill move to the National Club Association Annual Conference in Charleston on May 16, 2022. We are excited about this change and look forward to a very special event this year. The Awards Selection Committee was able to meet in San Diego to plan for the future. At McMahon, this past year has been one of change as new team members have come on board. Kevin Carroll, CCM, ECM, CCE, CAM and Chris Coulter, CCM, ECM have been growing our club consulting and facility planning business. Bill McMahon, Jr. is head of the McMahon Survey Division, and the Club Leadership Alliance (CLA) with our two partners is expanding its role to help clubs in many ways. The biggest need we are seeing for our clubs today with the building boom is to have an overall facility master plan. The master plan with its initial strategic planning by the board must guide the many facility improvements that clubs are making. Without the overall master plan, major facility mistakes happen and millions of dollars can be wasted. Now for what is really special. Frank Vain has been awarded the BoardRoom magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his service to the club industry. Frank has served over a thousand clubs with his position at McMahon Group and his dedication to the industry with his past presidency role at the National Club Association. He is a born leader, a great friend and one very fine golfer. Congratulations Frank! In closing we welcome Joe Krenn, Crystal Thomas and Patrick King to the awards committee as we wish Tom Spellman the best of luck in his retirement. We are excited about the prospects in the club industry as membership numbers are growing, private clubs have never been in more demand and the real value of clubs with their ability to bring members together are being realized. If your club needs any help or we can help you in your position at your club, please call us at McMahon. We are always at your service. My best, Bill McMahon, Sr. AIA, OAA Chairman CONNECT WITH US ONLINE FOR VIDEOS, BROCHURES AND EVEN MORE UP TO DATE CLUB INFORMATION! 2 The McMahon Report® Florida | Missouri | Nevada | NewHampshire | Ontario | Pennsylvania | South Carolina

trying to solve or resolve many of their challenges and problems with “snippit” surveys. These surveys are basic/one dimensional, when what is needed is the multi-dimensional survey which correlates several issues to get the right solutions. The “snippit” survey approach for resolving limited issues reminds us of the old adage, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Howmany times do we have well-meaning members pontificating on issues? They become experts with limited knowledge on a self-interest issue with little understanding of all the facts (sometimes they don’t want all the facts). This is why in clubs we need the comprehensive research approach, so we understand all the issues and not come up with half-baked solutions to major club problems. Strategic and facility planning is most effective with good research! At McMahon, we are seeing more and more strategic plans developed around “snippit” survey research. In several instances we are now having to resurvey members on many critical issues because club leaders are cherry-picking their agendas to justify a particular position or goal. The goal of a membership survey is to get sufficient information so Boards and managers can make the right decisions. Every club action is interrelated and needs to be studied in the whole, not in isolation. If your club is looking for the whole truth and nothing but the truth, utilize a comprehensive membership survey. They guide visionary and effective strategic and facility planning. T oday we live in a world of “snippits”, where bits of limited information guide our behavior. They can help understand simple issues because they are easy to collect, but they can oversimplify more complex issues to our detriment. In Clubs, we can use “snippits” to learn how to speed up golf play or what would attract more tennis play. But when it comes to very important complex strategic issues, the “snippit” approach isn’t effective. Take for example the complexities of providing a much-improved dining program or how to address much-needed facility improvements or even how to raise ongoing funds for facility depreciation. Today, we are experiencing more and more industry leaders Club Success Goals Achieved Strategic Planning Comprehensive Survey Focus Group Input The McMahon Report® 3 SURVEYS A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing - Start Planning the Effective Way by Bill McMahon, Jr. - Vice President

4 The McMahon Report® MASTER PLANNING by William P. McMahon, Sr., - AIA, OAA - Chairman Successful Club Master Planning Must Start with Board and Membership Consensus Building for special groups in an uncoordinated process of who shouts the loudest to get projects approved (sound familiar?). Master planning must start at the Board and management levels in recognizing the need for facility improvements and being willing to do something about it. The planning should begin with the Board and managers completing a brief half-day facility strategic planning session to define the needs and to set in motion the process. The Board has to define the facility problems in concept and clearly state what it wants in facilities, their purpose and the cost realities of funding master plan improvements. At McMahon Group we have developed a special strategic planning process for helping the Board and manager to focus on facilities and how to best improve A Club’s master plan for its facility future should not just be a wish list for every committee in a Club. It must have direction and purpose. It must be guided by the Board, membership and the General Manager. The master plan should be a part of the Club’s strategic plan guiding the expenditure of millions of dollars to assure the Club has the facilities to achieve its mission for the members and their families. Great Club facilities don’t happen by accident, they are planned and executed with a strategic plan developed and approved by both the Board and members working together. In beginning the master plan process, it does not begin with architects and members proposing one-off, favorite projects them. This way an actual facility planning committee clearly knows how to develop the Club’s master plan. Member involvement is next. We can’t master plan Club facilities without member input. So a Club must involve its members in some type of feedback process such as focus groups, surveys, committee input, etc. This is easy to do and essential in helping the planning committee identify facility needs and the priority of importance for specific facility projects. With a good consensus achieved at both the Board and membership levels on the Club’s facility and what is needed, then and only then should the master planning proceed. This assures not only success in developing the right plan, but also has Board and membership support for implementing it when its completed.

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Lifetime Achievement Award, Congratulations Frank Vain! “As the BoardRoom magazine honors Frank with its “Lifetime Achievement Award,” we congratulate him for the outstanding service he has contributed to the private club world and to McMahon Group. As President of his own country club, past President of the National Club Association, consultant to literally a thousand fine clubs, he is the best of the best. Who would have thought Frank and I some 34 years later would be having so much fun with all our manager friends, always striving to make each club as good as it can be. Frank, just remember, the best part of life really begins after a Lifetime Award.” - Bill McMahon Sr., AIA, OAA, McMahon Group Chairman “I’ve had the honor of experiencing Frank’s dedication and vision first-hand and learning from his industry knowledge through his nine years on the National Club Association Board of Directors, including his term as chair. I’ve also been lucky to work with him on Club Trends magazine and the Excellence in Club Management® Awards—two industry hallmarks. This Lifetime Achievement Award is well deserved to say the least and is a testament to Frank’s strong leadership and invaluable contributions to the private club industry and its professionals.” Henry Wallmeyer, President and CEO - National Club Association “Now BoardRoom magazine recognizes Frank Vain, president of the McMahon Group, with BoardRoom’s Lifetime Achievement Award–2021 for his contribution to the industry over the years. As well, the McMahon Group is the first company in which two people -Bill McMahon and Frank Vain – have been selected BoardRoom Lifetime Achievement Award recipients. Frank has contributed to our industry through his leadership, research, education and organizational skills and achievements. He stands out from others for his kindness, generosity, keen intelligence and valuable contributions to those he serves.” - John Fornaro, CEO and Publisher, The BoardRoom magazine 6 The McMahon Report®

“Frank Vain being named “2021 Lifetime Achievement Award” recipient by BoardRoom magazine is truly well deserved. Throughout my career Frank has been my person to go to when I needed assistance in regard to private club management and governance. Not only that, for over 20 years he has been a close friend and confidant. I cherish his professionalism and his friendship. Well done Frank, look forward to many more years of your relationship with the McMahon Group; your consultation; education and most of all your friendship.” - Bill Johnson, CCM, CCE Announcing Exciting News for the 2021/2022 Excellence in Club Management® Awards! Awards Dinner now Hosted at National Club Association's National Club Conference. McMahon Group and the National Club Association are pleased to announce that McMahon Group and NCA will be the sole co-sponsors of the Excellence in Club Management® (ECM) Awards. In addition, the Excellence in Club Management® Awards Dinner will now be held at NCA’s annual National Club Conference. The 2021 Award Winners will be honored on Monday, May 16, 2022, in Charleston, S.C., at the Excellence in Club Management® Awards Dinner at the Charleston Place’s Riviera Theater. All attendees of the National Club Conference will be able to attend the Awards Dinner to celebrate the best in the industry. Following the National Club Conference, winners will be announced in The McMahon Report® and will also be featured in subsequent issues of Club Director magazine as well as recognized on social media and in electronic newsletters. The date for submission of Award nominations is March 31, 2022 Please click or visit to nominate! The McMahon Report® 7

T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ BoardRoom magazine’s industry peers and experts reviewed and selected McMahon Group as one of the outstanding suppliers and consultants, representing various aspects of course and club operations. Winners, each year, are selected for overall excellence in their respective fields, achievements, innovation, vision for future growth and continued impact on private club operations. BoardRoom Magazine 2021 Master Planning & Member Survey Firm of the Year! Facility Planning: The McMahon Way of planning develops feasible projects which members review, approve and fund before construction architects and contractors get involved. This makes sure the right projects are built to achieve each club’s strategic goals. Our principals serve Clubs in many ways. We are not only facility planners, survey specialists and strategic planners, but most importantly, we know how to build consensus in Clubs so projects get built. Survey: The primary goal for surveying members is to learn valuable information from the people who know your Club best - your membership. The goal is to make your members a part of every strategic and facility solution. The McMahon Survey is that essential first step in solving problems, addressing controversial issues and planning for your facilities. With a McMahon Survey you will have the best strategic and facility planning specialists available to you. Strategic Planning: Every Club’s Strategic Plan should relate to its own circumstances. McMahon’s process is customized to each Club’s situation and often requires an initial membership survey. The process addresses long-range and short-term challenges and gives a Club, its leadership and management the ability to control and shape their future by having the best and most knowledgeable consultants in the industry not only in developing the plan, but also in implementing it. We Can Help Make Your Club Successful - Click to download our brochures today!