The McMahon Report December 2022

T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ DECEMBER 2022 THE McMahon Report® We Wish You Happy Holidays! The Club Leadership Alliance (CLA) is at Your Service Club Opportunities For Facility Master Planning in A Recessionary Economy Why The Facility Approval Survey Assures Facility Project Approval 4 8 3

ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission: “To be the premier, full- service, club and HOA consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs, communities and their management with the best possible facility and strategic planning expertise to promote each club’s and community’s well being, to enhance the profession of management and to assist presidents and boards in their delivery of effective governance.” Family and management owned since 1983 with an outstanding professional staff. We have served clubs and communities throughout the world in all aspects. 39 YEARS I N BUSI NESS OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED OVER 150 HOA’S SERVED McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 For more information or to schedule a First Impression Visit, please contact Alison McMahon at WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding Programs • Membership Surveys and Research • Operations Consulting • HOA Community Consulting $3 BILLION RAI SED CONNECT WITH US ONLINE FOR VIDEOS, BROCHURES AND EVEN MORE UP TO DATE CLUB INFORMATION! 2 The McMahon Report® Florida | Missouri | Nevada | NewHampshire | Ontario | Pennsylvania | South Carolina FROM THE PRESIDENT While the mid-term elections did not bring the upheaval that many foresaw, it has nonetheless been a very active year in many respects, and that has certainly been the case for the club industry and the McMahon Group. As indicated by the very full list of new, returning and existing clients on pg. 10 of this McMahon Report®, 2022 has been a year where we have had the privilege of being engaged by more clubs than ever to provide our “First Impressions,” help conduct membership surveys, and work with Boards and management to set the course for long-range strategic planning and significant facility improvement projects. While economic uncertainty certainly looms, articles in this issue highlight why many clubs still see opportunities to move forward with facility master planning (pg. 4) and take the steps needed to secure project approval (pg. 3). No matter where you might be currently in these areas, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss howwe can help you map out and execute a prudent and timely plan to withstand even the harshest economic winds and ensure your club’s continued relevance and appeal for your membership. It has also been a year that brought new developments and progress through our involvement with the Club Leadership Alliance (pg. 8). As we meet with you individually and at next year’s industry meetings, we will look forward to being able to tell you more about the many ways that the CLA can provide value for your organization. We also had exciting new developments with the Excellence in Club Management® (ECM) Awards in 2022, holding the recognition ceremony and dinner for the first time as part of the National Club Conference. Please see pg. 9 for information about how deserving managers can be nominated for the 2023 Awards. Within the McMahon Group, the year also brought personal transitions. While we welcome Joe Barks as our new Club Communications Director (pg. 7), we were saddened by the passing of our colleague and friend Denzil Palmer (pg. 7). As we prepare for 2023, we look forward to another active and rewarding year for the club industry. And we extend our best wishes to everyone for a peaceful and fulfilling holiday season. Sincerely, Frank Vain, President

project becomes the Members’ plan. Where ultimate buy-in occurs. Where the Members select what they will vote for. Instead of Members voting on a major project after its first presentation, a project brochure and FAS questionnaire is sent to all members online and mailed in print format for members to read and study before completing the questionnaire. The FAS acts as a straw poll on these major aspects of the proposed project: 1 The acceptability of the facility project. 2 The acceptability of each component proposed in the facility project, and 3 The acceptability of the funding plan. From the results of the FAS, a Club learns what projects Members favor, howmuch they are willing to pay for them and which parts, if not all of them, the Members will approve. The FAS adds six weeks to a project’s approval time, and all but assures Member support and approval. It is the secret for getting major facility projects approved, saves thousands of dollars in fees, and eliminates much wasted time and frustration in getting the right projects approved the first time they are presented. Be sure to use the McMahon FAS on your next project. D eveloping important club improvement projects is always a challenge for a Club’s leadership. Many hours of work by the Board, Manager and Planning Committee are spent developing a Member Survey, a Master Plan and finally presenting a needed project to the members. But when it is all said and done, the last step is the most important for getting project approval. It is the Facility Approval Survey (FAS). This is the ultimate step in presenting and winning approval of a project where the proposed The McMahon Report® 3 SURVEYS Why The Facility Approval Survey Assures Facility Project Approval by Bill McMahon, Jr. - Vice President The Best Way to Assure a Facility Project’s Approval

MASTER PLANNING 4 The McMahon Report® So get ready for the aftermath, and in particular prepare your club for what is about to happen. McMahon Group has lived through these boom/bust cycles four times, usually every ten years as they seem to happen like clockwork. The challenge is now how to weather this financial storm best, and keep memberships full. One sure way to achieve membership retention is to have good facilities and programs that members use so they continually find value in their club. The other important membership strategy is to continue offering T he financial geniuses in Washington have done it again. Having overfunded the economy to save it, they now have to underfund it to deflate it. I think this means deflation and recession. Of course, we in the club world benefited from all the government largesse, so we can’t cry in our soup when they raise interest rates to the sky to try to get people back to work and stop the inflation everyone knew had to follow. You can’t flood an economy with $4 trillion in handouts and not have horrendous inflation. by William P. McMahon, Sr. - AIA, OAA - Chairman Club Opportunities For Facility Master Planning in a Recessionary Economy

facilities and programs which appeal to our next generation of members and their families. Just look back at 10 or 20 years ago to what happened in fitness and wellness. From not being even on the radar screen as required for achieving club success back then, today fitness/wellness/ conditioning programs are the third most important club offerings for country clubs’ members, behind dining and golf. And nowwatch what is happening for clubs as the next wave of offers are pickleball, bocce, golf simulators and expanding racquet sports as members want more yearround clubs for paying year-round dues. One of the most interesting trends in the club industry today is that of clubs doing long-range facility planning for the future. The leaders at clubs are always thinking and planning ahead so they anticipate when something can be and should be done, even though it might not be the right time to actually do a project. This has paid good dividends to clubs in the past that have a clear understanding of their mission and have a strategic master plan completed. This way when the opportunity arises, these clubs can act quickly to implement needed projects. Strategic Facility Planning has really caught on with boards no longer approaching facility planning as individual, one-off projects; but now they develop strategic understandings of a club’s culture and what the club must do to continually succeed in having a full membership and properly maintain existing and new facilities that provide what members want. Gone are the days where golf gets all the money to the detriment of the family members and their satisfaction. There is even a new club trend well underway for what we call the family-friendly golf club, as women and children are playing golf as never before. This is one of the reasons why golf courses are crowded and many clubs can’t accept any more golfing members. A Recession is a Time to Plan So as the economy goes through its normal ups and downs, this is not a time for managers and boards to back away from facility planning. Quite the opposite. This is the time to plan ahead and understand your club’s needs so you are ready to move forward with facility projects when they are needed. The McMahon Report® 5

McMahon Group collaborated with the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) this fall to present a three-part webinar series that featured past winners of the Excellence in Club Management® (ECM) Awards and highlighted the keys to their career success and how they earned recognition as leading performers in the club industry. The ECM Awards, established in 1996 by McMahon and co-sponsored since 2018 by the National Club Association, honor managers who are nominated by their Board Presidents to recognize their achievements at their current clubs. A Selection Committee comprised of a peer group of leading club managers conducts the judging. There are four award categories for General Managers, based on club size and type, and an additional “Rising Star” award for assistant managers. Recipients of Excellence in Club Management® Awards add the ECM designation to their other professional certifications. The three parts of the webinar series included these sessions: Part One—The Roadmap to Success: The Professional Journeys of Four Excellence in Club Management® Rising Stars Moderated by McMahon Group’s Vice Presidents of Club Consulting Kevin Carroll, CCM, ECM, CCE (an ECMwinner in 2002 while with Bellerive Country Club) and Christian Coulter, CCM, ECM (an ECMWinner in 2001 while with Bald Peak Colony Club), this webinar featured four recipients of the “Rising Star” award that is given annually to Assistant Managers who are nominated by their General Managers. Participants included: • Kristopher Glaubitz, CCM, ECM (Rising Star in 2020 with Congressional Country Club) • Brandon Johnson, ECM, Farmington Country Club (Rising Star in 2017) • Anne Stryhn, CCM, ECM, The Country Club of Virginia (Rising Star in 2017); and • Tai Tran, CCM, ECM, Detroit Athletic Club (Rising Star in 2022) Part Two—A View from the Top Moderated by Christian Coulter, CCM, ECM, this session featured insights on the management practices and philosophies employed by these General Managers at some of the country’s top private clubs: • Patrick King, CCM, CCE, ECM, Army Navy Country Club (ECMWinner in 2018) • Joe Krenn, CCM, CCE, ECM, Farmington Country Club (ECMWinner in 2017) • Mitchell Platt, MCM, CCE, ECM, Cosmos Club (ECMWinner in 2017) • Jack Slaughter, CCM, CCE, ECM, Carolina Country Club (ECMWinner in 2020) Part Three—Rising Star to General Manager: Pathway to Success Moderated by Christian Coulter, CCM, ECM & Thomas B. Wallace III, CCM, CCE, ECM, Principal with Kopplin Kuebler &Wallace, this session highlighted how recipients of the Rising Star award had gone on to ascend to General Manager positions either at their clubs or other clubs. Participants included: • Brian Baldwin, CCM, ECM (Rising Star in 2017 while with Baltusrol Golf Club; now General Manager of The Apawamis Club) • Mark Jablonski, CCM, ECM (Rising Star in 2018 while with Medinah Country Club; now General Manager of Hinsdale Golf Club) • Charles Johnson, CCM, ECM (Rising Star in 2016 while Assistant Manager of Detroit Athletic Club; named the club’s Executive Manager in 2020) More information on the ECMAwards and on how to nominate candidates for the 2023 Awards can be found at CMAA Excellence in Club Management® Webinar 3-Part Series Re-Cap Watch Video Here Video Here Christian Jack Mitchell Joe Patrick Christian Brian Thomas Charles Mark Brandon Tai Kristopher Christian Kevin Anne 6 The McMahon Report®

Welcome Joe Barks! McMahon Club Communications Director Joe Barks joined McMahon Group in October 2022, after retiring as Editor of Club + Resort Business magazine, which he helped to found in 2005 and then develop into a leading information source for the club management profession. As C+RB’s editor, Joe wrote cover-story profiles of over 150 club and resort properties, as well as profiles of leading club managers and many additional articles about specific aspects of club management. He also led the extension of the C+RB brand to include a daily e-newsletter that became a “must read” for the industry and to create the Chef to Chef Conference, which has grown to become the leading culinary event for the club industry. Joe’s career has included writing and editing positions with specialized business publications for over 40 years, covering a wide variety of industries and professional disciplines. He is a four-time winner of Jesse H. Neal Awards from the American Business Press, known as the “Pulitzer Prizes” for industry trade publications. He has been a freelance contributor to many leading national consumer and business publications, and served as Marketing Manager for the Hay Group, a leading worldwide management consulting firm. In his role at McMahon, Joe writes and edits articles, including profiles of the winners of the Excellence in Club Management Awards, co-sponsored by McMahon Group and the National Club Association. He also helps to prepare survey reports, white papers and other client documents for the firm’s consultants, lead focus groups, and assist with all marketing and communications efforts. Joe is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and works out of the Philadelphia suburb of Wayne, PA. He and his wife Barbara have three sons and two grandchildren. The Loss of a Dear Friend Denzil Palmer 1952-2022 It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our dear friend, Denzil. After a yearlong battle with liver cancer, he went to God on November 20th. Denzil’s club management career was exceptional with 28 years at Royal Montreal Golf Club. He retired in 2017, received the Excellence in Club Management® Lifetime Award and The Canadian Society of Club Managers Honorary Life Membership Award, and worked with McMahon Group in Canada for the last 5 years. We will truly miss his wonderful sense of humor, his friendship and his exceptional way of dealing with people. To Vivian, his dear wife, Alan his son and the family, we offer our deepest sympathy and prayers. Bill McMahon His Friend for over 30 years The McMahon Report® 7

8 The McMahon Report® by Club Leadership Alliance The Club Leadership Alliance is at Your Service recommend the people who can. The CLA provides individually and collectively the best facility, financial and management expertise for your club. Please contact John Schultz at CLA for more info at Call any one of us to learn more about what we can do for your and your club. T he big three firms in the private club planning field serve individually and collectively to provide the best club expertise for your club. In today’s world of specialization the ability of one firm to provide the best expertise in all aspects of club consulting is unrealistic. The one stop, multi-faceted consulting firms today don’t provide equal expertise in all areas. This is why the Club Leadership Alliance was founded. We brought the three most experienced and technically capable club firms together under a working alliance umbrella, but we kept each firm separate and specializing in what each does best. Each firm maintains its cutting-edge expertise by remaining totally focused on what each knows and delivers best by staying on top of its respective field of expertise. This way when a club works with one of the Alliance firms, the club also has instant access to the other two firms if their fields of club expertise are needed. Who are the Club Leaders the Alliance is designed to help? They are you, the manager, Board and Committee members on whom your club’s success so much depends. The CLA’s mission is all about helping club leaders achieve club success. We invite you to call anyone at the three CLA firms or our director, John Schultz, CCM, CCE, ECM, to learn more about what we do individually and collectively for clubs and howwe can help you. And if we can’t help you, we will “Several years ago, this club was at a crossroads, and it is amazing how far we have come. Our club president’s vision combined with the expertise of the CLA has put this club on the right path.” – Board Member, Lemon Bay Golf Club 2023 CMAA CONFERENCE Saturday, February 25, 2023 - 2:15PM to 3:45PM Rally Club Leaders Around Best Practices Resulting in Relevant & Enduring Clubs The industry is facing many challenges and the data shows it. We believe fundamentally that rapid societal changes, the club leadership model, and the direct need for innovation and impactful strategic planning are all areas that need to be focused on today. This education is designed for Club Presidents, Board Members, and Executive Level Team Members, offering examples of what the highest performing clubs are doing to stay relevant and vibrant in today’s competitive market. Leverage decades of hands-on advisory experience and in-depth analysis as the club industry’s premier consultants share insights and experiences gained through their partnerships with the most successful clubs in the country. The focus of this opportunity will be to generate widespread understanding and adoption of the best practices that lead to sustained club success.

The McMahon Report® 9 Joseph Krenn, ECM, CCM, CCE, Chairman................. Farmington Country Club Mark Bado, MCM, ECM, CCE. .............................................. Houston Country Club Lynn Butler................................................................................................... Bogey Club Robert Crifasi, ECM, CCM............................................New Orleans Country Club John Dorman, ECM, CCM. ................................. The University Club of New York Peter Holt, ECM........................................................Hamilton Golf & Country Club M. Kent Johnson, CCM, ECM.............................................Baltimore Country Club Patrick King, ECM, CCM, CCE. .........................................Army Navy Country Club Kristen LaCount, CCM, ECM..........................................................The Country Club Jeffrey McFadden, ECM, CCM, CCE. ............ The Union League of Philadelphia Robert Sereci, CCM, ECM.....................................................Medinah Country Club Anne Stryhn, ECM, CCM............................................The Country Club of Virginia Crystal Thomas, MCM, ECM, CHE, CAE................. CMAA Golden State Chapter Chairmen Emeritus David Chag, CCM, ECM...................................................................The Country Club Phil Kiester, ECM, CCM..............................................The Country Club of Virginia Jeffrey Kreafle............................................................. Congressional Country Club Kevin Vitale, CCM..........................................................................Baltusrol Golf Club David Voorhees, ECM, CCM, CCE Kevin Carroll, ECM, CCM, CCE 2023 AWARD SELECTION COMMITTEE MEMBERS A Special thanks to David Chag, CCM, ECM, for serving as Awards Committee Chairman for the 2022 Awards! Joseph Krenn, ECM, CCM, CCE. New Chairman of the 2023 Award Selection Committee. The 2023 Awards Dinner will be held on Monday, May 8, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois. We would also like to acknowledge outgoing committee members: Brian Kroh, Steve Buck, Joe Murphy & John Schultz. Thank You! Nominations Are Open for 2023 Excellence in Club Management® Awards! Nominations are now being accepted for the 2023 Excellence in Club Management® (ECM) Awards, which were established in 1996 by McMahon Group and have been co-sponsored since 2018 by the National Club Association. The ECM Awards honor managers who are nominated by their Board Presidents to recognize their achievements at their current clubs. A Selection Committee comprised of a peer group of leading club managers conducts the judging. There are four award categories for General Managers, based on club size and type, including an award for a Canadian manager. There is also an additional “Rising Star” award for assistant managers, and in some years a Lifetime Achievement Award is also presented to a retired manager. Recipients of Excellence in Club Management® Awards add the ECM designation to their other professional certifications. More information on the ECM Awards and on how to nominate candidates for the 2023 Awards can be found at The deadline for nominations is March 17, 2023. If you have questions about or need assistance with the nominating process, please contact Alison McMahon at 2023 Excellence in Club Management® Awards

O C T O B E R 2 0 2 2 NEW/RETURNING CLIENTS Acoaxet Club (MA) Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa (CA) Austin Country Club (TX) Brookville Country Club (NY) Cartersville Country Club (GA) Chattahoochee Country Club (GA) Country Club of Jackson (MS) Des Moines Golf and Country Club (IA) Dunwoody Country Club (GA) Fairfield Glade Community Club (TN) Fresh Meadow Country Club (NY) Georgetown Country Club (TX) Harmonie Club (NY) Hillwood Country Club (TN) Kernwood Country Club (MA) Lookaway Golf Club (PA) Los Altos Golf and Country Club (CA) Meadow Club (CA) Mill Reef Club (NY) Omaha Country Club (NE) River Bend Golf and Country Club (VA) Saddle and Cycle Club (IL) Talis Park Community Association (FL) Tequesta Country Club (FL) Tuckaway Country Club (WI) West Bend Country Club (WI) Westwood Country Club (OH) Winchester Country Club (MA) Winter Park Racquet Club (FL) EXISTING CLIENTS American Yacht Club (NY) Applebrook Golf Club (PA) Atlanta Athletic Club (GA) Baltimore Country Club (MD) Belfair Plantation (SC) Bishops Bay Country Club (WI) Charlotte Country Club (NC) Cherokee Country Club (TN) Concord Country Club (MA) Country Club of New Canaan (CT) Country Club of Peoria (IL) Davenport Country Club (IA) Emerald Bay Community Association (CA) Green Tree Country Club (TX) Greenwich Country Club (CT) Hunters Run Country Club (FL) IronOaks at Sun Lakes (AZ) Ironwood Country Club (CA) Manor Country Club (MD) Maple Bluff Country Club (WI) New Orleans Country Club (LA) Orchid Island Golf & Beach Club (FL) Outdoor Resort Palm Springs (CA) River Valley Ranch (CO) Shelter Harbor Yacht Club (RI) The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe (CA) The Lakes Country Club (CA) The Laredo Country Club (TX) The Santaluz Club (CA) Two Rivers Country Club (VA) Union League of New York (NY) White Cliffs Country Club (MA) MCMAHON GROUP IS PROUDLY SERVING THE CLUBS AND HOA’S LISTED OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED MA S T E R P L A N A ND F A C I L I T Y I MPRO V EME N T S $25M R A N C H O L A Q U I N T A C O U N T R Y C L U B - C A L I F O R N I A P R O J E C T A P P R O V E D

The McMahon Report® 11 Out & About St. Louis District Chapter - 2022 Fall Classic hosted by Persimmon Woods Golf Club (pictured Bryan Beckmann, Bill McMahon, Jr. and Christian Clerc) 30th Annual Gator Region Club Managers charity golf tournament at The Club of Eaglebrook, Lakeland, FL. (pictured Kris Takach, Rhett Robicheaux, Kevin Carroll and Scott Fairbairn) Frank Vain and Crystal Thomas, MCM, ECM at the Harry Kane Memorial Northern California Golf Tournament held at The Meadow Club. Christian Coulter, CCM, ECM presenting at the CMAA New England Chapter at Tedesco Country Club. Kevin Carroll, CCM, ECM, CCE, CAM joins fellow FLCMAA members for dinner at the Four Seasons, Orlando after a day of education at Summer Conference. Bill McMahon presents M. Kent Johnson, CCM, ECM the James H. Brewer Award at Baltimore Country Club (pictured Bill McMahon, Sr. and M. Kent Johnson) Michael Stacks, CCM receives the Mead Grady Award at Indian Hills Country Club in Mission Hills, Kansas (pictured Alison McMahon, Bill McMahon, Sr., Michael Stacks & Joe Barks) Tai Tran of Detroit Athletic Club receiving his 2022 Rising Star Award. (pictured Charles Johnson, CCM, ECM and Tai Tran)

BoardRoom magazine’s industry peers and experts reviewed and selected McMahon Group as one of the outstanding suppliers and consultants, representing various aspects of course and club operations. Winners, each year, are selected for overall excellence in their respective fields, achievements, innovation, vision for future growth and continued impact on private club operations. BoardRoom Magazine 2021 Master Planning & Member Survey Firm of the Year! Facility Planning: The McMahon Way of planning develops feasible projects which members review, approve and fund before construction architects and contractors get involved. This makes sure the right projects are built to achieve each club’s strategic goals. Our principals serve Clubs in many ways. We are not only facility planners, survey specialists and strategic planners, but most importantly, we know how to build consensus in Clubs so projects get built. Survey: The primary goal for surveying members is to learn valuable information from the people who know your Club best - your membership. The goal is to make your members a part of every strategic and facility solution. The McMahon Survey is that essential first step in solving problems, addressing controversial issues and planning for your facilities. With a McMahon Survey you will have the best strategic & facility planning specialists available to you. T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ M C M A H O N G R O U P We Can Help Make Your Club Successful Click to download our brochures today! 39 YEARS I N BUSI NESS OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED $3 BILLION RAI SED Strategic Planning: Every Club’s Strategic Plan should relate to its own circumstances. McMahon’s process is customized to each Club’s situation and often requires an initial membership survey. The process addresses long-range and short-term challenges and gives a Club, its leadership and management the ability to c ontrol and shape their future by having the best and most knowledgeable consultants in the industry not only in developing the plan, but also in implementing it. Strategic Issues Survey: The electronic Strategic Issues Survey (SIS) takes a Board member about ten minutes to complete and saves hours of frustration during the strategic planning meeting itself. The end result is a far better Strategic Plan with clear consensus developed among all Board members and the General Manager on what ismost important to accomplish in the Strategic Plan.