The McMahon Report December 2023

4 The McMahon Report® example of clubs continuing to place open bars in the family mixed grill where men, women and children members want to enjoy a family meal without a raucous group at the bar loudly using four-letter words. There is a time and place for everything offered in a club. But a club with a mission that is family-friendly should surely not be subjecting family members to issues caused by a poor mixed-grill design. A club’s mission should directly affect the grill room’s and open bar’s design. For instance, a three-quarter screen wall might protect the bar area from the rest of the grill T he answer is simple and basic. Good facility planning must work towards achieving a club’s mission/purpose and its aspirational vision for the future. If facilities at a club don’t contribute to achieving the mission and vision, they should not be done. The real challenge at many clubs today for their facility programs is that well-meaning Boards see a need to fix a facility problem, but not in the context of a club’s future development and membership needs. There is little vision beyond fixing the one facility deficiency that exist at the time. Take the classic by Chris Coulter - VP of Club Consulting dining area. Or the bar should be placed in a room of its own for an adults-only bar/lounge. Clubs today must have a clear mission and vision that only a basic strategic plan can provide. Key words in a club’s mission, such as family, golf, dining, club of choice, year-round, etc., should tell facility designers how to design facilities. At your club, make sure the Board provides a facility-planning committee as part of a club strategic plan before asking it to design and construct improvements. It is the Board’s responsibility to do strategic planning before facility planning is done. STRATEGIC PLANNING Why is Strategic Planning So Important For Achieving Club Facility Success? The McMahon Refresher brings the best expertise in governance, education programming and membership through these steps: 1. Initially a brief, online survey is completed by all Board members who are participating in the Refresher planning. 2. From the survey, a Refresher planning agenda is developed stating the primary objectives for the planning and specifically identifying the three or four major Chapter issues that need resolution. 3. The Refresher planning meeting, as moderated by a For Chapters with and without Strategic Plans, this One-Day consulting service can help assure theywill stay on the path to success! A ONE-DAY Board Strategic Planning RefresherTM is the simple, effective way for a CMAA Chapter to plan strategically and: • Study the Major Issues affecting the Chapter. • Identify goals and prioritize. • Develop real action plans, and implement those action plans with the best consultants at your side. by Kevin Carroll - VP of Club Consulting McMahon principal, discusses issues and establishes ways to address and resolve them. 4. After the Refresher meeting, McMahon provides a summary report and makes specific and strategic recommendations on how to improve your Chapter. McMahon not only helps to identify key challenges, but we have the expertise to help resolve them. Our virtual visit and in-person consulting visit are both complimentary, we just ask to be reimbursed for travel expenses. Contact us today! CMAA CHAPTERS Strategic Planning Refresher For CMAA Chapters