The McMahon Report December 2023

The McMahon Report® 7 THE COMMON-SENSE APPROACH We actually have made great strides in improving the energy-efficiency systems in today’s club buildings and facilities. Our buildings today have much better insulation, double- and triple-paned windows, vastly improved heating and air conditioning systems, more efficient lighting systems and much more efficient electrical systems. But one thing we don’t yet have is good maintenance management of all of these energy-efficient systems and equipment within our existing buildings. We see clubs with the best possible systems installed in their buildings, but with inadequate engineering staff to maintain and operate them properly. Why spend millions of dollars to install all of this wonderful, energy-saving equipment if it is not going to be properly maintained and used? So as a first step in managing your club’s energy consumption, start by first putting your building systems in first-class condition for efficiency, and then hire and train the right technical people to operate them. This can also mean training your existing maintenance team so the club can properly operate the facilities it now has. Start your club’s energy conservation here, without massive investments in reinventing all your facilities. One of the benefits of enterprise facilities/energy management for a club is that it frees up valuable resources spent chasing problems and allows the team to focus on the issues that will have greater impact. A valuable first step for clubs can be to maximize the energy systems in their buildings before replacing them with new systems.” - George Brill Talisen Technologies CEO “ ”