The McMahon Report September 2023

T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ SEPTEMBER 2023 THE McMahon Report® Club Strategic Planning 101 “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” 3Rockaway Hunting Club Pool Project 4Strategic Planning Must Start With a Comprehensive Plan 9ECM Award National Club Conference Panel 6Cherokee Country Club Success Story

ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission: “To be the premier club consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs and their management with the best possible strategic and facility planning expertise. We are committed to identifying the key trends impacting the club industry, enhancing the profession of club management and to assisting presidents and boards adopt the best practices to foster effective governance to create successful clubs.” Family and management owned since 1983 with an outstanding professional staff. We have served clubs and communities throughout the world in all aspects. OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED OVER 150 HOA’S SERVED McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 For more information or to schedule a First Impressions Visit, please contact Alison McMahon at WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding Programs • Membership Surveys and Research • Existing Facilities Condition Analysis • HOA Community Consulting $3+ BILLION RAI SED CONNECT WITH US ONLINE FOR VIDEOS, BROCHURES AND EVEN MORE UP TO DATE CLUB INFORMATION! 2 The McMahon Report® FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT Dear Club Leader, Measuring success in the club industry is subjective unless there are goals fromwhich to measure it by. Establishing goals and then creating action plans to achieve those goals is critical for a club to be successful. Utilizing a proven strategic-planning process is instrumental in laying the foundation for this to occur, as Bill McMahon shares in his article in this McMahon Report (pg. 4). Clubs like Rockaway Hunting Club (see pg. 3) are looking forward to the future generations of members, rather than staying anchored to the past. Cherokee Country Club (pg. 6) is a great example of what clubs today are doing to build an exciting and successful future. Clubs are now geared towards the entire family on a year-round basis. The days of only seeing kids at the club from Memorial Day to Labor Day are gone. Children are being welcomed into clubs all year round with family dining rooms, game rooms and childcare services. Pools are being reimagined as Aquatics Centers with splash pads, slides, tiki-style bars and, of course, delicious and creative food that’s served fast, and is not just fast food. All of this does not happen by accident. It requires detailed planning, first with a strategic plan and then a full campus Master Plan that looks 15 to 20 years into the future. Clubs have rebounded since the pandemic and many clubs are now full with waiting lists. For clubs to continue their success in uncertain times, they must make themselves indispensable to their members by offering lifestyle amenities, programs and facilities that the whole family values and cannot live without. At the McMahon Group, we have been pleased to be able to help many clubs establish, implement and achieve exciting new goals and strategic plans for the post-pandemic era. If we are not currently engaged with your club, we would welcome the opportunity to explore the possibilities with you and help you set and pursue new goals for your continued success as well. My best, Kevin Carroll, CCM, ECM, CCE, CAM Vice President of Club Consulting Chicago | Florida | Missouri | NewHampshire | Pennsylvania | South Carolina

The McMahon Report® 3 F ormed in 1878 as a polo club, with the golf course added in 1900 that has since had renovations by A.W. Tillinghast and Gil Hanse, the historic Rockaway Hunting Club in Lawrence, Long Island, N.Y., with 25 tennis courts and its classic clubhouse, rates as one of the most unique in the nation. For 146 years the club at its seaside location had water everywhere, but few places to swim. No longer! There is excitement in the air for a new pool project that will open next May adjacent to the tennis courts. As shown in these illustrations, Rockaway will soon have a full-service country club to show that it can change with the times. This was not an easy task, as club tradition runs deep at Rockaway. But after a four-year effort by a dedicated leadership and great members on the Pool Design Committee, construction is now underway for the May grand opening. The Olympic-size pool, pool deck, double-deck outdoor bar and dining areas are a perfect complement to the tennis complex, great golf course and main clubhouse facilities. The new family members are flocking to the club. McMahon Group was privileged to be a part of the Rockaway team to make the project happen. President Ed Heaney, who has led the swimming pool project with other dedicated members, paid McMahon Group the ultimate compliment: “We could not have achieved our success without McMahon Group.” Thank you Ed. Rockaway Hunting Club Oldest Country Club in the Nation Builds Its First Swimming Pool! ROCKAWAY HUNTING CLUB JBD JGA Design & Architecture 700 School St Pawtucket, RI 401-721-0977 SOFA FABRIC 1ST FLOOR – PATIO RENDERING AND FURNITURE PATIO EXTERIOR RENDERING DINING TABLE – WHITE FINISH DINING CHAIR OCTAGON UMBRELLA WIND RATING 70 MILES PER HOUR UMBRELLA FABRIC LOUNGE CHAIR FABRIC & ACCENT WELT View East - Dining and Bar Deck Groundbreaking - New Pool ROCKAWAY HUNTING CLUB JBD JGA Design & Architecture 700 School St Pawtucket, RI BAR & DINING EXTERIOR RENDERING BAR – COLORED ELEVATION BACK BAR TILE BAR PAINT QUARTZITE COUNTERTOP BAR STOOL DINING CHAIR ACCENT CEILING PAINT View East - Pool, Pool Deck, Locker Room, Kitchen/Bar, and Equipment Buildings *Credit to the original architects, Rogers McCagg and JDB PROJECT SPOTL IGHT

4 The McMahon Report® ties stayed old and did not spend money have all struggled. Clubs that do not strategic plan and get with the times will have declining memberships, poor facilities, low initiation fees and crisis management problems. Simply put, the clubs with strategic plans prosper while those non-planning clubs with non-planning Boards do not. With McMahon’s experience involving thousands of clubs, we saw the best and worst of clubs and how they weathered the pandemic storm. Innovative clubs such as Club Pelican Bay in Naples, Florida, The T here is strategic planning for goals and strategic planning for action, but strategic planning’s most important objective is to “assure a club knows its Mission and is continually achieving it.” With the great rebirth of private clubs as more and more people join them, our clubs have had a terrific opportunity to make a significant contribution to the quality of life for our society. But this club opportunity will pass if we don’t plan for the future with a comprehensive strategic plan. No longer can clubs live in the past when our society is accelerating into the future. The best clubs have insightful strategic plans guiding them. Be sure your club is one of them. Historically for golf and country clubs, it was all about golf for their missions, i.e., the course tournaments, course access, the pro and on and on. For the urban city club, it was all about business and athletics. Even before COVID hit, the changing culture in society was upon us as members wanted something more than specialized golf and business clubs that are only for adults. It became even clearer during and after the pandemic that the club world had changed. Those clubs that have embraced the changing society have prospered and continue to do so. Clubs whose leadership did not change with the times, who did not have a strategic plan, whose faciliby Bill McMahon, Sr. AIA, OAA - Chairman Briar Club in Houston, Texas, The University Club in Chicago, Illinois, Quaker Ridge in New York, New York, etc. all planned, built and improved to achieve outstanding success. Other laggard clubs in Florida, New York, Chicago, Denver and California that didn’t plan have little to show for what should have been the greatest period in their club’s history, all because leadership failed to lead and act. One of our clubs in Chicago actually had done its strategic plan and was ready to act when the pandemic hit, but its new Board took the “head in the sand” approach to do nothing in waiting out the pandemic. Today that club is in poor condition while its rival clubs are prospering like never before. What this all proves is that having and implementing a sound strategic plan is essential for having and maintaining club success. STRATEGIC PLANNING COMES IN MANY PACKAGES Today, we have as many types of strategic planning as there are different consultants selling different consulting services. This surge in clubs doing strategic planning has resulted in confusion, as there is now strategic planning associated with club governance, operations, facilities, human resources, financing, golf, dining, and on and on. And there is nothing wrong with having special strategic plans for addressing specific club needs and problems, as long as each sub-component is in sync with a club’s overall comprehensive STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic Planning Comes in Many Packages, But It Must Start With a Comprehensive Plan!

Statements, can identify goals to achieve its Mission (for membership, governance, management, finance, communications, facilities, golf, dining, recreation, social activities and other areas) and can create specific goals for each club offering. Then with goals identified, the Board and manager establish specific action plans for each goal and prioritize them for implementation. It is only when a club’s overall strategic plan is developed that the most important goals and their action plans can be implemented. Examples of individual club goals and action plans that can be acted on include changing bylaws, spending millions of dollars on improvements, opening satellite locations, merging with another club, etc. Only by having a comprehensive strategic plan supported by the members, Board and management can a club make the big decisions that will affect its future. And remember that clubs doing nothing and maintaining the status quo is an action plan that in the right circumstances is as strategic plan. This is in reality a part of comprehensive strategic planning in which individual club goals have their own action plans for achieving them. Just what is an overall comprehensive strategic plan? Comprehensive strategic planning for a club is the investigative process whereby a club’s leadership and management work together to identify a club’s purpose (its mission) and its critical characteristics of a club’s membership and marketplace to provide a club experience that members want and are willing to support. At McMahon, our comprehensive strategic planning addresses the big four strategic questions that are the heart of every strategic plan. Question 1: Who does the club serve as its members? (i.e., men, women, families, golfers, businesspeople, youngsters, oldsters, etc.) Question 2: What does the club provide? (i.e., golf, tennis, pickleball, swimming, social activities, health/ wellness, year-round activities, lifestyle centers, etc.) Question 3: What quality level should a club strive to achieve in all it offers? (i.e., premier, world-class, best in region, etc.) Question 4: What makes the club unique and special in its marketplace that separates it from all other clubs? (i.e., its members, golf course, history, culture, facilities, location, dining, etc.) When a club does the research to answer the big four questions and has a competitive analysis of its club’s marketplace, then it is ready to develop its overall, comprehensive strategic plan for assuring it is achieving its members’ expectations, which drive maximum success. With a comprehensive strategic plan developed and followed by a club’s Board and management, a club can establish Mission and Vision The McMahon Report® 5 worthwhile as building a new clubhouse. It is only by having a good comprehensive strategic plan in place that a club and its Board will be in the position to do the right thing. CONCLUSION So as your club shapes its destiny, be sure you have a comprehensive strategic plan shaping that destiny. Only by understanding the long-range vision for a club can you plan its ongoing goals and action plans. “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

6 The McMahon Report® Today, there are over 700,000 and projections are it will hit 800,000 by the year 2030. Between 2015 and 2022, Capital Improvements at the Club Included: • Reinventing the clubhouse dining experiences to include spaces for adult casual, family casual and upscale dining. • Outdoor dining leveraging the Club’s commanding view over the Tennessee River. • Expanding the fitness facilities to offer a more comprehensive fitness experience. • Rebuilding the pool complex to create a more dynamic swimming and poolside experience. Impressively, while finishing up on the clubhouse piece of the improvements launched in 2015, the leadership embarked on the Cherokee Country Club, Knoxville, Tennessee is embarking on the next phases of its updated Facilities Master Plan, which will bring its cumulative capital investments to over $25 million since 2015. F ounded in 1907, Cherokee Country Club has long been dedicated to enriching the lives of its members and their families by providing the finest golf course, private club dining and social and recreational activities to be found in Greater Knoxville, Tennessee. The Club’s willingness to respond to changing member needs and evolving lifestyles has been key to its longevity and success. While a focus on continuous improvement has been a hallmark of the club for well over 100 years, a 2011 – 12 updating of the Club’s Strategic Plan paved the way for transformative investments beginning in 2015. Cherokee’s renewed focus on capital investment aligned perfectly with the changes taking place across Knoxville, one of the ten fastest-growing U.S. cities with one of the best employment outlooks in the country. When the Club developed its strategic plan in 2011, there were just over 500,000 people in the area. by Frank Vain - President process of updating its Strategic and Master Plans. This is a best practice General Manager Shawn Wilkes, CCM, ECM, observed firsthand early in his career when he was the AGM at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, another practitioner of the flywheel/continuous improvement mindset. The Strategy Refresher process began with member focus groups, followed by a clubwide survey. With fresh data in hand, the Board and Planning Committee, which included a cross-section of club leaders and members, updated the Strategic Plan to set the Club’s direction for the next decade. The directives of that plan informed the goals and objectives of the Planning Committee as they evaluated the existing facilities and prepared solutions for future improvements. Importantly, the next cycle of improvements would not have been possible without the vision to acquire properties adjacent to the golf course. This will allow the Club to improve the golf practice facilities in the next few years, which was one of the top member priorities in the member survey. The golf improvements, designed by Tyler Rae of Tyler Rae Designs, focus CLUB SUCCESS Cherokee Country Club: Turning the Flywheel of Success 670 314 Te W

The McMahon Report® 7 on practice facilities, except for the modifications to hole 14. By moving this hole, it opens the land area to accommodate a first-quality, short-game area and par 3 course. The tee for the new hole will be on the highest point on the property and create a stunning par 3 with views across the entirety of CCC’s Donald Ross-designed golf course. These investments also align well with current trends in country club activities. Golf play is changing in ways that are very positive for clubs. Members practice more than prior generations and they are embracing newways to enjoy the game, including putting courses and short/par 3-style layouts. This increases participation and opens the game to a wider demographic, including new younger players. The Cherokee experience is currently lacking in these areas, but the land acquisition strategy and innovative planning will allow the membership to enjoy a more robust practice experience. In terms of other recreation, the Master Plan adds pickleball indoor and outdoor courts and modernizes the tennis complex, sports that are currently enjoying their own renaissance. SUMMARY As a result of the improvements that Cherokee has made over the past decade, the Club has a larger membership and more use than at any time in its history. This growth allowed the Club to outperform on the financial projections supporting the 2015 projects and position it to support some $11 million in aspirational projects over the next decade, all without an assessment or increase in the monthly capital fee. 0 Mason Ridge Center Drive #220, St. Louis, MO 63141 4.744.5040 - seal Page 1 Scale: 1"=40'-0" On A 48"x36" Sheet S I T E P L A N Existing Parking: 320 Spaces Date: 5/16/23 Graphic Scale 0 40 40 160 80 Feet 240 Preliminary - NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION, RECORDING PURPOSES OR IMPLEMENTATION The Club, not McMahon Group, shall be responsible for all code compliance and environmental issues. North ennessee License - # 0020009 William P. McMahon, Architect Ü P R I V A T E C L U B P L A N N E R S & C O N S U L T A N T S Knoxville, Tennessee CHEROKEE COUNTRY CLUB MASTER PLAN for New Proposed Parking 330 Spaces Legend Indicates Phase X Indicates Phase B Indicates New Construction Indicates Removed Site Features Indicates New Site Features Tennis Court Future Pickleball Garage Doors 14,400 s.f. Building with 8 Courts Tennis/ 4 Hybrid Hard Convert to HydroCourts 2 Har-Tru Lawn Dn Dn Driveway New Boulevard Parking New Parking New Service Yard Retaining Wall Retaining Wall Pickleball Courts Renovate Future Viewing Restrooms 2,200 s.f. Pavilion with Renovate Viewing Area Viewing Area New Pickleball Viewing Area Sports House Queueing 5,100 s.f. Cart Drop Bag Yard Service Below Cart Parking 5 Spaces Addition 17,700 s.f. Tennis Court Long Term Project PG Lyons View Pike Tennessee River Tennis Building Pool Building Clubhouse Cooling Towers Tennis Courts Tennis Courts Lake Service Yard Residential Residential Steep Slope 18th Green 1st & 10th Tee Dn 9th Green 1st Fairway 18th Fairway 10th Green Recreation Pool Lap Pool Up Up Slopes Lyons View Pike Residential Residential PHASE B PHASE X Remove Golf Shop

Education Sessions, Webinars, Golf Events and Conferences 8 The McMahon Report® Kurt Kuebler, Dave Mangan & Kevin Carroll - FLCMAA Summer Conference Chris Coulter, Kevin Carroll and Board Strategic Planning Session for the Board of the New York CMAA Chapter SEPTEMBER September 11 CMAA Virginia Chapter – Zoom – Club Trends Frank Vain September 11 - 13 CMAA LLC - Frank Vain September 12 CMAA partner panel discussion on workforce development – Frank Vain September 18 CMAA Pelican Chapter –Membership surveys, how they are conducted and delineating that data to present to a membership for capital improvements. – Kevin Carroll September 18 CMAA Golden State Chapter golf tournament Hacienda Golf Club – Frank Vain September 19 PCMA Conference - Industry Trends & Updates Frank Vain September 19 Club Trends webinar on food & beverage. September 25 Wisconsin Badger Chapter - “Club of the Future” Bill McMahon Sr., Kurt Kuebler and Tom Olson OCTOBER October 2 CMAA St. Louis Golf Classic - Algonquin Golf Club Bill McMahon Jr. and Bryan Beckmann October 8 – 9 2023 Fall CLA Presidents Council – Cherokee Town and Country Club – Bill McMahon, Sr. and Frank Vain "The club of the future" A full day of focused education to learn what the highest-performing clubs are doing to stay relevant and vibrant in today’s competitive market. October 15 Excellence in Club Management® Award Presentation for Trevor Noonan at CMAC National Conference October 23 AGM Forum - Congressional Country Club - Chris Coulter October 30 National Capital CMAA Chapter – Strategic Planning Refresher – Chris Coulter and Kevin Carroll NOVEMBER November 6 • CMAA South Carolina Chapter - Chris Coulter • CMAA Greater Cleveland Chapter – Frank Vain • Excellence in Club Management® Club Presentation Carmen Mauceri at The Club at Mediterra - Kevin Carroll 2024 January 21 CMAA Evergreen Chapter Conference - Chris Coulter March 4 - 9 “Understanding the Differences Between Strategic, Facility and Master Planning. While All Are Related, Each Has a Very Specific Purpose That Are Often Misunderstood” CMAA Conference - Frank Vain, Chris Coulter, Kevin Carroll April 28 - 30 National Club Conference - Omni PGA Frisco Resort, TX

The McMahon Report® 9 2023 ECMAward Winners Featured on National Club Conference Panel After being honored the previous night during the Excellence in Club Management® (ECM) Awards Presentation and Dinner (see the Summer Issue of The McMahon Report), recipients of the 2023 ECM Awards that are co-sponsored by the McMahon Group and the National Club Association participated in a panel discussion, moderated by Frank Vain, President of McMahon Group, and Chris Coulter, McMahon’s VP of Club Consulting, as part of the educational agenda for the National Club Conference held in Chicago fromMay 8-10. The wide-ranging discussion included the ECMwinners’ comments and thoughts on subject areas that included lessons learned from their own personal mentors and how they strive to now be effective mentors themselves; the increased importance of building and sustaining workplace cultures that help to establish a better work-life balance, and bridging the gap between tradition and staying current in a private-club environment. Below are panelists’ responses to the first question posed by Frank Vain and Chris Coulter. View all the questions and answers by clicking Here. Q: Who were some of your own personal mentors, and what were some of the valuable lessons you learned from them that you now strive to pass on in your own mentorship roles? Matt Lambert, CCM, CAM, ECM, The Country Club at Mirasol (James H. Brewer Award): I started out in restaurants and after moving to Florida I had fantastic opportunities to learn fine dining from great restaurateurs like Dennis Max and Bert Rapoport. After owning my own restaurant for a year, I moved into clubs and that eventually led to an opportunity with Craig Perna as he developed Mirasol. I started there as Clubhouse Manager in July 2003 and my mother passed away in the first week of September as we were getting ready to open the club in November. By the time I got back from Massachusetts at the end of September after making all the funeral arrangements, I had been gone three-and-a-half weeks. I expected that I might be let go and I definitely expected that I wouldn’t be paid for the time I’d been away. But Craig Perna said “Don’t worry, you’ll be paid, and I’ll just ‘get it out of you’ over the next couple of years.” That really changed my life—I’d always thought I’d been a pretty good manager and leader, but that taught me new lessons about taking care of staff and creating the type of culture that would help me be successful in the club business. Carmen Mauceri, CCM, ECM, The Club at Mediterra (Mead Grady Award): Fromwhen I got my first job washing dishes at a local pizza restaurant, through the experiences I had with the very best hotels and restaurants, what I learned from others and have always tried to apply both for myself and with my team is to reduce things to their simplest form. When you can do that, you can capture the devil in the details and you’re truly winning. My mentors also showed me that it’s not always about trying to create something that has never been created, but more about striving to perfect something that many people have tried to do. My grandfather, who was a carpenter, showed me that when he helped me build a deck after I bought my first home. After about an hour working with him, he told me that he was going to buy stock in nails, because he’d seen that I couldn’t hit one straight to save my soul. So that showed me how the principle of getting one thing right, even it seemed like such a small detail for a much bigger project, could carry me a long way. Carol Bliss, CCM, ECM, Chilton Club (Mel Rex Award): On my first day on the job at my first club, my General Manager told me there was one rule: I had one year to learn everyone’s name and member number. As I progressed through my career, I had another GM find a way to keep me from leaving after I was upset I didn’t get a Clubhouse Manager job. Then after I got my first GM job, Steve Cummins, David Chag, Kristen LaCount and many others within the industry were always available to take my calls and assure me that no question was stupid and that they would be there to help me be successful in any way they could. I’ve tried to remember all of those lessons and pass them on now. And just as my mentors always made time for me, I always make time for others, no matter what I have on my plate. When someone on my staff stops by my office or sees me in the hall and says, “Do you have a minute?” my reply is “I have all day for you.” I don’t care if I’m late for a meeting, they’re my priority if they need me for something. Trevor Noonan, CCM, CCE, ECM, Toronto Club (John Furlong Award): I fell into clubs after starting in hospitality when I was 12 years old, making donuts with my mother in a small town, and then working in restaurants, resorts and hotels before starting with clubs 28 years ago. I didn’t really have any mentors as I got into the club business, it was just kind of learning as you go. But I watched my managers and while unfortunately in my first two clubs they were both let go in short order, I made note of what they weren’t doing that they should have been doing, and learned that way. When I got to one club, the GM allowed me to do what I needed to do and held me accountable, and that was the best thing he could have done. I also got very involved with the Canadian association of club managers and many of the people there morphed into my mentor team and drove home the importance of surrounding yourself with great people. Margaux Beuscher, ECM, Sulgrave Club (Rising Star Award): From my mentors, I learned the importance of always feeling the emotion of why we were all excited to get into hospitality in the first place, and then remembering that every day. That still fuels me and I spend a lot of time now talking with hospitality students and trying to get them “into our world” in the same way, showing them how it can be a great career path when you keep that passion for making people happy every day.

NEW/RETURNING CLIENTS Beach Point Club (NY) Beverly Yacht Club (MA) Canada Creek Ranch (MI) Elkridge Club (MD) La Gorce Country Club (FL) Millbrook Golf & Tennis Club (NY) Monterey Peninsula Country Club (CA) Naples Heritage Golf & Country Club (FL) Nashawtuc Country Club (MA) Olde Providence Racquet Club (NC) Royal Poinciana Golf Club (FL) The Princess Anne Country Club (VA) The Union League Club of New York (NY) EXISTING CLIENTS Aberdeen Golf and Country Club (FL) Acoaxet Club (MA) American Yacht Club (NY) Applebrook Golf Club (PA) Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa (CA) Army Navy Country Club (VA) Atlanta Athletic Club (GA) Bald Peak Colony Club (NH) Blackhawk Country Club (CA) Bonita Bay (FL) Country Club of Jackson (MS) Diablo Country Club (CA) Dunwoody Country Club (GA) Fresh Meadow Country Club (NY) Glen Head Country Club (NY) Great Harbor Yacht Club (MA) Green Tree Country Club (TX) Greenwich Country Club (CT) Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club (FL) Indian Creek Country Club (FL) Indian Creek Golf Club (NE) Key Largo Anglers Club (FL) Larchmont Yacht Club (NY) Lubbock Country Club (TX) Maryland Golf and Country Clubs (MD) Old Chatham Golf Club (NC) Orchard Lake Country Club (MI) River Bend Golf and Country Club (VA) River Valley Ranch (CO) Round Hill Club (CT) SaddleBrooke Two HOA (AZ) Shoals Club (SC) Starmount Forest Country Club (NC) Talis Park Community Association (FL) Tam O’Shanter Golf and Country Club (WA) The Estancia Club (AZ) The Kansas City Country Club (KS) The Laredo Country Club (TX) The Milbrook Club (CT) The Trail Club (NY) The Union Club of Cleveland (OH) Tuckaway Country Club (WI) Willoughby Golf Club (FL) Winter Park Racquet Club (FL) MCMAHON IS PROUDLY SERVING THE CLUBS AND HOA’S LISTED VIEW ALL CLIENTS HERE 10 The McMahon Report® “ CLIENT FEEDBACK We had several capital improvement projects that were developed by our club committees and presented to our Board. Kevin Carroll and Bill McMahon came in and guided our Board through the process of properly packaging and presenting these projects in a Town Hall setting, and then soliciting feedback and opinions from the entire membership. Using the survey data that the McMahon Group collected gave us the assurance to refine our Capital Improvements Plan and financing into a package that we knew our members would support. They helped us create confidence, buy-in, and engagement among our entire membership. The plan passed by an overwhelming percentage, and we are excited to move forward.” - Tee McCarthy, President at Hillwood Country Club “ CLIENT FEEDBACK My personal thanks to you and your team for getting this out the door and into the homes of our members. There is growing interest among members in this process – I am hearing about it more and more and from new folks - those not customarily drinking from the fountain of governance practices. This process to date has run very smoothly from my perspective. I appreciate that both the process and the product are of very high quality.” - Current client in the Northeast OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED

The McMahon Report® 11 Sunday evening reception Full day of education and networking on Monday Gain actionable insight for your Club! Space is limited - $350 per attendee Learn more and register online at Calling All Club Presidents, General Managers & Board Members! Join us at Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta for a full day of focused education to learn what the highest-performing clubs are doing to stay relevant and vibrant in today's competitive market. This unique networking opportunity leverages decades of hands-on advisory experience and in-depth analysis as the club industry's premier consultants share insights and experiences gained through partnerships with the most successful clubs in the country. Featuring Club Leaders & the Best Practices That Create Sustained Club Success October 8th & 9th, 2023 Cherokee Town and Country Club WITH EDUCATION PRESENTED BY CLA PARTNER FIRMS Club Leadership Alliance Presents - 2023 Fall Presidents Council "The Club of the Future" October 8th & 9th, 2023 Cherokee Town and Country Club Featuring Club Leaders & Best Practices That Create Sustained Club Success Club Success is All About “Members Satisfaction” DOYOU KNOWYOUR CLUB’S MEMBER SATISFACTION SCORE? It is finally here. A way to measure and improve member satisfaction by learning how satisfied your members are and comparing your results to McMahon’s national club averages. Based on McMahon’s 40 years of surveying club members with the most insightful member surveys, we have now developed measurement of member satisfaction. We use our collective research and experience with over 2,000 clubs to help you understand your members better. The McMahon “Membership Satisfaction Scoring System” is now being provided in every McMahon survey that asks the big three questions. A special MSS satisfaction survey is now available to develop a Club’s Member Satisfaction Score™ for those clubs who want it. Please contact Lexi Shipp at for more information on our member satisfaction scoring and the new low cost, MSS survey we now offer. Let McMahon help your club achieve maximum success. Mc MAHON’ S CLUB QUALI TY RATI NG SYSTEM MAHO G SYSTEM NEW

BoardRoom magazine’s industry peers and experts reviewed and selected McMahon Group as one of the outstanding suppliers and consultants, representing various aspects of course and club operations. Winners, each year, are selected for overall excellence in their respective fields, achievements, innovation, vision for future growth and continued impact on private club operations. BoardRoom Magazine 2022 Strategic Planning & Member Survey Firm of the Year! Awards Won: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ M C M A H O N G R O U P Facility Planning: The McMahon Way of planning develops feasible projects which members review, approve and fund before construction architects and contractors get involved. This makes sure the right projects are built to achieve each club’s strategic goals. Our principals serve Clubs in many ways. We are not only facility planners, survey specialists and strategic planners, but most importantly, we know how to build consensus in Clubs so projects get built. Survey: The primary goal for surveying members is to learn valuable information from the people who know your Club best - your membership. The goal is to make your members a part of every strategic and facility solution. The McMahon Survey is that essential first step in solving problems, addressing controversial issues and planning for your facilities. With a McMahon Survey you will have the best strategic & facility planning specialists available to you. Strategic Planning: Every Club’s Strategic Plan should relate to its own circumstances. McMahon’s process is customized to each Club’s situation and often requires an initial membership survey. The process addresses long-range and short-term challenges and gives a Club, its leadership and management the ability to control and shape their future by having the best and most knowledgeable consultants in the industry not only in developing the plan, but also in implementing it. Strategic Issues Survey: The electronic Strategic Issues Survey (SIS) takes a Board member about ten minutes to complete and saves hours of frustration during the strategic planning meeting itself. The end result is a far better Strategic Plan with clear consensus developed among all Board members and the General Manager on what is most important to accomplish in the Strategic Plan. We Can Help Make Your Club Successful Click to download our brochures today! OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED 40 Y E A R ANNIVERSARY th $3+ BILLION RAI SED