The McMahon Report Summer 2023

T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ SUMMER 2023 THE McMahon Report® 3Master Planning Must Precede Club Improvements 4Strategic Planning is Not an Option, It’s a Necessity 11What is the Club Leadership Alliance? 82023 ECM Award Winners Celebrating the 2023 Excellence in Club Management® Award Winners!

ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission: “To be the premier club consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs and their management with the best possible strategic and facility planning expertise. We are committed to identifying the key trends impacting the club industry, enhancing the profession of club management and to assisting presidents and boards adopt the best practices to foster effective governance to create successful clubs.” Family and management owned since 1983 with an outstanding professional staff. We have served clubs and communities throughout the world in all aspects. OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED OVER 150 HOA’S SERVED McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 For more information or to schedule a First Impressions Visit, please contact Alison McMahon at WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding Programs • Membership Surveys and Research • Existing Facilities Condition Analysis • HOA Community Consulting $3 BILLION RAI SED CONNECT WITH US ONLINE FOR VIDEOS, BROCHURES AND EVEN MORE UP TO DATE CLUB INFORMATION! 2 The McMahon Report® Florida | Missouri | Nevada | NewHampshire | Pennsylvania | South Carolina FROM THE CHAIRMAN Dear Club Leader, We are nowwell into summer with all facilities in full swing. We had a great annual NCA conference in Chicago and were able to recognize and honor the 2023 Excellence in Club Management® Award Winners, including honoring David Chag from The Country Club of Brookline, Mass. and Tom Bertani from The Racquet Club (St. Louis) with lifetime excellence awards. We owe a special thanks to Kopplin Kuebler &Wallace for sponsoring the awards dinner. This summer edition of The McMahon Report® has features on the Excellence in Club Management® award winners, facility master planning, why it is to necessary to have a strategic plan, explaining the Club Leadership Alliance and announcing a new survey feature that McMahon is providing for rating a club’s quality from its own members’ experiences. Based on the hundreds of thousands of club members we have surveyed over 40 years, we now have a database from key survey questions from members to allow us to rate and judge a club’s quality. From our viewpoint, the only quality rating that really matters in a club is that of its members. And this rating should not be based on affluence and snobbery, but on howwell a club achieves its own mission. Finally, we continue to see great accomplishments happening in the club industry. However, nothing is more gratifying than to see the joint workings of CMAA and NCA to improve our industry. Thank you to Jeff Morgan and Joe Trauger for making this happen. In closing, we wish you great success for the summer and as always, our team is available to help you and your club in any way. My best, Bill McMahon, Sr. AIA, OAA Chairman P.S. Looking forward to seeing you at our next CLA Presidents Council session in Atlanta on October 8 and 9.

there is the need for wellness, fitness and golf conditioning facilities, but a reluctance to study major club trends of developing lifestyle centers in country clubs as opposed to single-activity departments in poor locations. New lifestyle centers are now grouping all of their non-golf course recreation facilities into casual use, recreation centers where everything but golf is provided for members. We have only to look at the success of the lifestyle center at The Country Club of Virginia with its $19M new, stand-alone facility for tennis (indoor and outdoor), pickleball, squash, golf training/fitness and a very popular Panera-type, quickserve dining facility. This dining facility is now the most popular for all family members. Clubs are also placing their golf simulators in lifestyle centers near bars and adding spas and salons to find ways to make members use their clubs on more of a year-round basis, rather than seasonally. It’s all about maximizing a club’s value. So when your club is thinking of facility upgrades, think first about master-planning the whole club and its needs. Then the club can make wise investments in facilities that drive club usage for many years to come without having to make major facility changes later. The yearn for club improvements is always initially driven by solving immediate problems. But the smart club leaders use this opportunity to solve long-range problems. This also leads to another challenge facing clubs, and that is energy conservation within their buildings and other facilities. The tremendous electrification push by government and utilities will be affecting building systems for years to come, and facility master planning must look to the future when studying facility improvements. As Warren Buffett recommends for successful investing, look to what you want your end product to be and then plan today’s improvement to achieve it. C lub after club we visit that ask about facility improvements often want to get right to the immediate projects. There is little thought of master planning for the entire club. The classic mistake for clubs in expanding and adding both indoor and outdoor dining capacity and doing nothing for the kitchen. Or The McMahon Report® 3 MASTER PLANNING Why Master Planning Must Precede Any Actual Club Improvement Programs by Bill McMahon, Sr. AIA, OAA. - Chairman

4 The McMahon Report® Changing lifestyles are also significantly impacting clubs. Important challenges like providing good value for cost, achieving high member utilization and facing new, non-club competition can only be addressed successfully when a club has a strategic plan and is following it. The most challenging issues for clubs continue to be associated with membership, governance, operations, facility adequacy, finances, and creating very satisfied members. Who would have thought having too many members would be a challenge? However, good strategic planning means little, unless a club’s Board and management has a working partnership able to implement their strategic plan. So when we say strategic plan, we mean having a comprehensive understanding of a club’s mission that clearly states its purpose and provides a business strategy for its success. Strategic planning is not facility planning, but facility planning can be a part of strategic planning. A club’s mission statement is its most important strategic guide to success, and it must clearly identify a club’s four key characteristics of: 1. Who it serves, 2. What it provides, 3. What quality does it strive for, 4. What makes it unique? Everything a club does should be in sync with its strategic plan. You Must KnowWhere You Are Going Before Starting The Journey! Never before has such pressure, both economic and social, been put on club Boards and General Managers to provide clubs that meet the ever-changing lifestyles of members and their families. Members rely on their club for social, recreational, and business interaction. No longer are private clubs the enclave of only the very wealthy. Today, memberships cross all social, religious, racial and economic lines. In effect, there is a club for everyone as our society becomes more diverse and unified. The big challenge for clubs today is to be relevant in a society with diversifying groups within it. Clubs by nature are usually more traditional and value their histories. So, we have to respect the past, but plan for the future to keep clubs viable. While clubs come in all types, many non-club competitors exist in their marketplaces. by Christian Clerc - Club Consultant and Planner This is why clubs need to be continually update and prioritize their strategic plans annually after each Board election. Private club strategic planning should not just be a single-focus activity for membership growth, facility improvements, improving governance or driving finances. The planning has to be unified and involve every aspect of a club because everything that affects club success is interrelated. Facilities affect membership, finances affect facilities, membership affects finances, etc. Strategic planning for clubs today is a continual process, not a one-anddone exercise. It needs leadership and experience to do it correctly. This is why McMahon Group has spent so much effort in promoting strategic planning first because everything a club does must spawn from it. Here are the key steps in strategic planning for your club: Step 1 Leadership Must Guide the Process. Step 2 Membership Involvement in Focus Group and Survey Research is Essential for Strategic Planning Success. Step 3 Developing the Strategic Plan Itself. Step 4 Communicating the Strategic Plan to the Members. Step 5 Implementing the Strategic Plan. STRATEGIC PLANNING Strategic Planning For Your Club is Not an Option, It is a Necessity

The McMahon Report® 5 McMahon’s Club Quality Rating System FINALLY, AN UNBIASEDWAY TO RATE CLUB EXCELLENCE FROM A CLUB’S OWN MEMBERSHIP! McMahon’s Club Quality Rating System is based on input from each club’s own membership with comparisons to McMahon’s national satisfaction and importance averages from the entire club industry. McMahon Group has been surveying and planning clubs for 40 years, helping managers and Boards provide their members with the best possible clubs. We have always wanted to provide a fair and objective way to identify club quality for clubs of all sizes, types and costs. We now have developed such a club quality rating system based on what is most important to members and their relative satisfaction with the most important activities, services and facilities. All comprehensive McMahon club surveys will now provide a club’s quality rating score at no additional cost. A special mini-club quality survey is also available for clubs wanting to determine their quality rating score - Call McMahon today to get more information. Mc MAHON’ S CLUB QUALI TY RATI NG SYSTEM MAHO G SYSTEM NEW Sunday evening reception Full day of education and networking on Monday Gain actionable insight for your Club! Space is limited - $350 per attendee Learn more and register online at Calling All Club Presidents, General Managers & Board Members! Join us at Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta for a full day of focused education to learn what the highest-performing clubs are doing to stay relevant and vibrant in today's competitive market. This unique networking opportunity leverages decades of hands-on advisory experience and in-depth analysis as the club industry's premier consultants share insights and experiences gained through partnerships with the most successful clubs in the country. Featuring Club Leaders & the Best Practices That Create Sustained Club Success The Cl ub Leader sh i p Al l i ance 2023 Fa l l Pres i dent s Counc i l "The Cl ub of the Future" October 8th & 9th, 2023 Cherokee Town and Country Club WITH EDUCATION PRESENTED BY CLA PARTNER FIRMS Club Leadership Alliance Presents. . . 2023 Fall Presidents Council "The Club of the Future" October 8th & 9th, 2023 Cherokee Town and Country Club Featuring Club Leaders & Best Practices That Create Sustained Club Success

6 The McMahon Report® JAMES H. BREWER AWARD Country/Golf Club with 600 or More Full Privilege Members Matt Lambert, CCM, CAM, ECM - The Country Club at Mirasol Matt Lambert began his journey at The Country Club at Mirasol in 2003 as Clubhouse Manager; he was promoted to General Manager/COO in 2005 and has been leading its operation ever since. An Audubon-certified community with over 2,300 acres and 1,170 homes, Mirasol also boasts two championship golf courses, a 78,000-sq. ft. Grand Clubhouse, a 39,000-sq. ft. Esplanade (fitness center, spa, salon), 15 Har-Tru tennis courts, and an active aquatics complex. The club also features free-standing golf and tennis pro shops, and a family-friendly Sports Complex that includes a synthetic turf athletic field, basketball court, bocce, and four pickleball courts, with ten more on the way. “Matt has wonderful attributes which are ideal for his position as General Manager/COO of Mirasol and is highly respected by his management team and staff,” wrote Bernard M. (Bob) Shapiro, immediate past President of the Mirasol Club & Association, Inc., in nominating him for Excellence in Club Management® recognition. “He is wellliked and greatly appreciated by the membership. He is the ultimate professional and a visionary who has led Mirasol from its inception to become a six-time Platinum Club of America (2009-current) that is recognized as a leading club in Southeast Florida. We are fortunate to have his tireless leadership as a professional who is always looking to improve the lives of those at Mirasol.” MEAD GRADY AWARD Country/Golf Club with Under 600 Full Privilege Members Carmen Mauceri, CCM, ECM - The Club at Mediterra Carmen Mauceri has been the General Manager/COO of The Club at Mediterra for over 10 years and has an extensive background in the club and hospitality industry. During his time at Mediterra, “Carmen has not only been instrumental in enhancing the physical amenities and member experience of the Club, he has also transformed the team culture and dynamic,” wrote Vincent C. Byrd, President of the Mediterra Board of Governors, in nominating him for Excellence in Club Management® recognition. “His dedication and passion for creating an inclusive, team-centric environment has set a new standard for workplace culture within the club industry.” Writing in further support of his nomination, a club industry colleague, Joel Livingood, CCM, General Manager and CEO of Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Minn., said: “Carmen’s impact on Mediterra is evident from the moment you arrive on the property; the quality of the facilities, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence are consistent with the finest hospitality experiences in the world. You see the real impact of his leadership in his team’s energy, enthusiasm, and execution – it is evident they love working at Mediterra.” MEL REX AWARD City/Athletic/Specialty (Non-Golf) Club Carol Bliss, CCM, ECM - Chilton Club Carol Bliss has been General Manager/COO of the Chilton Club since 2018, serving as the club’s first female General Manager in its more than 100-year history. The two most recent presidents of the Club, Nettie Houghton and Deborah Davis, wrote nomination letters in support of her consideration for Excellence in Club Management® honors. “I was on the General Manager Search Committee that selected Carol Bliss in 2018 and President of the Chilton Club Board during the first year of the pandemic,” Nettie Houghton wrote. “Once on board, [Carol] embraced the Chilton Club as if she had always been there. While respecting our history, traditions and culture, she simultaneously set about to establish standards of excellence and put best practices in place for the management of the club.” After helping to steer the Chilton Club through the challenges of the pandemic, Deborah Davis added in her nomination letter, Carol has led its advancement to new levels of excellence. “Carol’s ability to translate vision into reality and her oversight of our strategic efforts has resulted in our club’s renewed vigor and excitement, welcoming 98 new members in the past two years,” Davis wrote. “Her understanding of our club’s unique identity, culture and traditions, and her awareness of contemporary issues beyond our club, enable her to bring insightful and strong leadership to our ability to meet our strategic goals.” 2023 Excellence in Club Management®Award Winners

David Chag, CCM, ECM The Country Club David B. Chag began his Private Club Management career in February 1974 at Houston Country Club as a banquet waiter. The General Manager at that time was Robert G. Southwell, who became David’s mentor. During his first two years as a fulltime student working towards his bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston, David would become an Assistant Manager at Houston CC. He was later promoted to Clubhouse Manager, living on site, and overseeing a very large and complex business environment. He also became the youngest professional to acquire the Certified Club Manager designation in 1978. Originally from New Hampshire, a return to New England presented itself to David in 1987 when The Country Club, the oldest country club in the United States, was seeking a new General Manager/Chief Operating Officer. David interviewed and was hired in July 1987, eleven months before the 1988 U.S. Open was to be held at the club in Brookline, Mass. David remained as The Country Club’s GM/COO and a Senior Advisor for the next 35 years and during his tenure, the club also hosted the 1995 U.S. Women’s Amateur, the 1999 Ryder Cup Matches, the 2013 U.S. Amateur, and the 2022 U.S. Open. He established an educational training environment at The Country Club for all departments and staff, and the management team has many graduates who currently serve in the private club management arena. He also developed a successful succession plan which successfully led to the hiring of Kristen LaCount, CCM, ECM, as the club’s next GM/COO. Thomas Bertani, CCM, CCE, ECM - The Racquet Club Tom Bertani’s distinguished hospitality career started at age 13, when he began to work at Sala’s Café, a restaurant owned by his mother’s cousins on “The Hill,” St. Louis, Mo.’s well-known district and dining destination. As he progressed through high school and college, he continued to work as a waiter at several other restaurants on The Hill and elsewhere in the St. Louis area. Tom earned an Associate Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Forest Park Community College in 1977 and two years later started his career in the club business as Dining Room Manager for The Racquet Club of St. Louis, an historic athletic club that was founded in 1906. He stayed at The Racquet Club for the next 43 years, earning promotions to Club House Manager in 1983 and then to General Manager in 1986. From 1989-1998, he also held a dual position as General Manager of The Racquet Club Ladue, a suburban tennis, swimming and dining club. He retired from The Racquet Club in October 2022. Tom continued his education throughout his time at The Racquet Club, earning an undergraduate degree from Maryville University in 1990 and an MBA from Fontbonne College in 1992. He also attended Cornell University’s BMI IV and BMI V programs and held leadership positions with the Club Management Association of America, both locally and nationally. JOHN FURLONG AWARD Canadian Club Managers Trevor Noonan, CCM, CCE, ECM Toronto Club The Toronto Club was founded in 1837 as Canada’s oldest private club and the third oldest in North America. Membership in the club is by invitation and consists of many of Canada’s leading corporate executives across all industries, including accomplished professionals and leaders in business, academia, health care, the arts and impactful community services. Trevor Noonan has nearly 28 years of club management experience and became the Toronto Club’s Chief Operating Officer in 2016. “Trevor began his tenure by effecting a very considerate transition from the previous highly regarded Club Secretary, who had been in place for over 21 years and who many members regarded as ‘irreplaceable,’” wrote Club President David F. Denison, O.C., in nominating him for Excellence in Club Management® recognition. “He quickly won the confidence of members and staff with his strong and genuine style of leadership and professional competence, while honoring the traditions and past practices of his predecessor. “‘Change’ and ‘new’ at any club can be difficult, let alone a club with 186 years of history,” Denison added. “Trevor has been very adept at making changes and introducing new programming. He has proven to be the right leader for our club as it embraces the changes entailed by its new strategic plan while also preserving its important traditions. His commitment, energy and leadership have had a very positive impact on the club and contributed to its expanded membership ranks, member usage and satisfaction.” RISING STAR AWARD Assistant Managers Margaux Beuscher, ECM Sulgrave Club Margaux Beuscher joined the Sulgrave Club as Club House Manager in 2019 and became its Assistant General Manager in 2023. “Since arriving, she has taken the reins and capably led our team to new heights,” wrote General Manager/COO Robert K. St. Francis, Jr., CCE, in nominating her for the Excellence in Club Management® Awards’ “Rising Star” recognition. “Margaux’s organizational and motivational skills are unrivaled. She has led by example through challenging times from day one. As the pandemic approached, she led our effort to ‘get small.’ The club thrived throughout this time in ways that were not imaginable and a great deal of this can be attributed to Margaux’s tenacity and drive. “Coming out of the pandemic and ramping things back up to fullscale operations has been every bit as challenging as what we experienced in the earliest stages of the pandemic, and [Margaux] capably got our organization running at full speed with aplomb,” St. Francis added. “Her ability to recruit, hire, train, and oversee our operation has propelled us to a place where members regularly thank us for not having missed a beat during these most tumultuous times. [Her] earnest integrity is both motivating and refreshing; she is a woman of character who leads selflessly while simultaneously raising a young family. She is a trustworthy visionary whose potential is limitless.” The McMahon Report® 7 LIFETIME EXCELLENCE AWARDS

8 The McMahon Report® McMahon Group and the National Club Association were ecstatic to host the 2023 Excellence in Club Management® Awards Ceremony & Dinner at The University Club of Chicago! This is the program’s 26th year of honoring the best of the best club executives in the private club industry. We also want to thank and ask your support of this year’s Awards Dinner Sponsor: Kopplin Kuebler & Wallace. 2023Excellence in Club Management® Awards Ceremony & Dinner

The McMahon Report® 9 “ Thank you for your assistance and expertise pertinent to the Excellence in Club Managment® Awards ceremony and dinner. I greatly appreciate the award and your efforts ensuring the evening was a great success and to serve as a lifetime memory for me. I wish you continued success!” Warm Regards, Tom Bertani Racquet Club St. Louis “ “The Excellence in Club Management Awards once again recognized the remarkable achievements of our industry’s professionals who have shown leadership, innovation and excellence within the club management industry. Each of the winners clearly demonstrated their skills and talents through their achievements, such as increasing membership, enhancing services, improving facilities and contributing to the community. The University Club of Chicago provided the perfect backdrop with their excellent facilities and wonderful dinner that matched the high standards of each of the award winners.” Joe Krenn, CCM, ECM ECM Awards Chairman Farmington Country Club

10 The McMahon Report® NEW/RETURNING CLIENTS Acoaxet Club (MA) American Yacht Club (NY) Applebrook Golf Club (PA) Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa (CA) Atlanta Athletic Club (GA) Cherokee Country Club (TN) Country Club of Jackson (MS) Des Moines Golf and Country Club (IA) Dunwoody Country Club (GA) Fresh Meadow Country Club (NY) Georgetown Country Club (TX) Green Tree Country Club (TX) Greenwich Country Club (CT) Hillwood Country Club (TN) Hunters Run Country Club (FL) Kernwood Country Club (MA) Lookaway Golf Club (PA) Meadow Club (CA) Omaha Country Club (NE) River Bend Golf and Country Club (VA) River Valley Ranch (CO) Talis Park Community Association (FL) Tequesta Country Club (FL) The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe (CA) The Laredo Country Club (TX) Tuckaway Country Club (WI) Westwood Country Club (OH) Winchester Country Club (MA) Winter Park Racquet Club (FL) EXISTING CLIENTS Aberdeen Golf and Country Club (FL) Army Navy Country Club (VA) Bald Peak Colony Club (NH) Birmingham Country Club (MI) Blackhawk Country Club (CA) Bonita Bay (FL) DeBordieu Club (SC) Diablo Country Club (CA) Glen Head Country Club (NY) Great Harbor Yacht Club (MA) Harbour Ridge Yacht and Country Club (FL) Indian Creek Country Club (FL) Indian Creek Golf Club (NE) Key Largo Angler’s Club (FL) Larchmont Yacht Club (NY) Lubbock Country Club (TX) Lubbock Country Club (TX) Maryland Golf and Country Clubs (MD) Menlo Country Club (CA) Missouri Athletic Club (MO) New York Athletic Club (NY) Oakland Hills Country Club (MI) Old Chatham Golf Club (NC) Orchard Lake Country Club (MI) Round Hill Club (CT) SaddleBrooke Two HOA (AZ) Shoals Club (SC) Starmount Forest Country Club (NC) Tam O’Shanter Golf and Country Club (WA) The Estancia Club (AZ) The Kansas City Country Club (KS) The Laredo Country Club (TX) The Milbrook Club (CT) The Trail Club (NY) The Union Club of Cleveland (OH) Westmoreland Club (PA) Willoughby Golf Club (FL) MCMAHON GROUP IS PROUDLY SERVING THE CLUBS AND HOA’S LISTED OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED “ Chris and Kevin, Thank you both for a great afternoon. I have heard lots of positive feedback from Board members in the last 24 hours. You guys did a great job framing the issues and guiding us forward. I, and many of the others I have spoken with, see a long road ahead of us to tackle the issues but your approach to eating the elephant in small bites is helpful. Many thanks.” - Chris Thompson - Acoaxet President CLIENT FEEKBACK

The McMahon Report® 11 The Club Leadership Alliance™ “At Your Service” Why three club-centric firms formed the Alliance – “To transform the club leadership model through better understanding of what drives club success so best practices can be adopted to achieve a far better club world.” McMahon Group, Kopplin Kuebler &Wallace and Club Benchmarking realized we were far more likely to achieve our goals by working together, and yet by remaining independent collaborators. Providing Clubs With the Best Strategic, Facility, Financial and Management Expertise Back in the pre-COVID times in 2019, our three firms came together to address what we felt was missing and needed in our private club industry. Now some four years later, we find the club world a much different place. From too fewmembers, to too many members, with major facility projects being completed at many clubs, and with major migration of members across the country from north to south and west to east. These are exciting times to be in the club industry and our Club Leadership Alliance is developing programs and services to help all of our clubs. The CLA is partnering with the major club organizations of CMAA and the NCA to help support them. We are offering continuing education programs to CMAA chapters to help them do strategic planning. We are doing president council education sessions and we are working with the BoardRoom Magazine to build a BoardRoom institute for helping managers and board members to provide the best possible clubs for their members and their families. Current club leadership initiatives now underway under the leadership of CLA Director John Schultz are as follows: 1. Providing Interim General Manager solutions for clubs. 2. Developing an experience network of firms and specialists assisting clubs in various levels of expertise from culinary, membership, operations, procurement, communications, to facilities, etc. 3. Providing governance consulting and helping clubs achieve the best practices in club success. 4. Managing Capital for Strategic Objectives. The principals at the three partner firms of McMahon Group, Kopplin Kuebler &Wallace and Club Benchmarking are committed to building a vibrant club industry. You will be hearing more about new developments at CLA in the future. We encourage you to contact any of the principals in CLA if you have any needs or questions that can help you and your club. Also feel free to contact CLA Director John Schultz at if he can help you. Please visit the CLA website to learn more about this important alliance at John Schultz, ECM Frank Vain Kevin Carroll, ECM Kurt D. Kuebler, ECM Ray Cronin Bill McMahon, Sr. AIA, OAA Christian Coulter, ECM Richard M. Kopplin Thomas B. Wallace, ECM Jim Butler

BoardRoom magazine’s industry peers and experts reviewed and selected McMahon Group as one of the outstanding suppliers and consultants, representing various aspects of course and club operations. Winners, each year, are selected for overall excellence in their respective fields, achievements, innovation, vision for future growth and continued impact on private club operations. BoardRoom Magazine 2022 Strategic Planning & Member Survey Firm of the Year! T H E S O U R C E F O R P R I V A T E C L U B E X C E L L E N C E™ M C M A H O N G R O U P Facility Planning: The McMahon Way of planning develops feasible projects which members review, approve and fund before construction architects and contractors get involved. This makes sure the right projects are built to achieve each club’s strategic goals. Our principals serve Clubs in many ways. We are not only facility planners, survey specialists and strategic planners, but most importantly, we know how to build consensus in Clubs so projects get built. Survey: The primary goal for surveying members is to learn valuable information from the people who know your Club best - your membership. The goal is to make your members a part of every strategic and facility solution. The McMahon Survey is that essential first step in solving problems, addressing controversial issues and planning for your facilities. With a McMahon Survey you will have the best strategic & facility planning specialists available to you. Strategic Planning: Every Club’s Strategic Plan should relate to its own circumstances. McMahon’s process is customized to each Club’s situation and often requires an initial membership survey. The process addresses long-range and short-term challenges and gives a Club, its leadership and management the ability to c ontrol and shape their future by having the best and most knowledgeable consultants in the industry not only in developing the plan, but also in implementing it. Strategic Issues Survey: The electronic Strategic Issues Survey (SIS) takes a Board member about ten minutes to complete and saves hours of frustration during the strategic planning meeting itself. The end result is a far better Strategic Plan with clear consensus developed among all Board members and the General Manager on what ismost important to accomplish in the Strategic Plan. We Can Help Make Your Club Successful Click to download our brochures today! OVER 2000 CLUBS SERVED $3 BILLION RAI SED 40 Y E A R ANNIVERSARY th