The McMahon Report, Volume 13 | Issue 5

Dear Club Executive: Fall is here as we refocus our clubs from summer vacations to “back to work” and “back to school” modes. For us in St. Louis, we are also back to normal after a great PGA Tournament at Bellerive Country Club where Tiger Woods returned to greatness. Hard to remember a more exciting championship. Our congratulations to Brooks Koepka, the winner. Within this edition of The McMahon Report ® you will find interesting articles on the age-old clubhouse issue of “Renovate or New” by Bill, Jr. Frank also writes about strategic planning, and Richard about how good governance and management partnership is essential for club success. Finally, Tom, as our survey guru, explains the critical step every major facility project should take before it is put to a membership vote, thus assuring project approval. Another major focus for us at McMahon Group is addressing the continuing trend of private clubs going to management companies in lieu of using the traditional board governing and the independent club manager operating model. Some boards are throwing up their arms in surrender to management companies as they see this as the only escape from a dysfunctional club. Such clubs have been governed without a strategic plan so chaos reigns, for both the board and management team. It is all about not only having a strategic business plan, but continually monitoring it. Much more to come on this in the near future. We are also proud to announce that the National Club Association has joined the Award Program as a co-sponsor with Club & Resort Business Magazine and McMahon Group. NCA will be offering special new events with the Award winners as the Award enters its 22nd year of recognizing the best of the best club managers in North America. Henry, we are glad to have you with us! In closing, please let us know if we can help you personally, and your club professionally in any way. We are looking forward to a busy fall as our clubs are prospering and our friendships are growing. Very truly yours, William P. McMahon, Sr., AIA, OAA REPORT HIGHLIGHTS THE CLUBHOUSE - NEW OR RENOVATED? Every older club sooner or later has to deal with this issue - pour good money into an older clubhouse or replace it? CREATING THE GOVERNANCE/ MANAGEMENT PARTNERSHIP Do board members speak with a single voice outside the boardroom once the board has voted on a particular issue? THE BEST OFFENSE WINS In a world of challenges, many clubs are choosing to go into a defensive shell instead of going on the offense. THE CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM OPINION SURVEY Now is the time for the true test of your months of effort - The membership vote. N ational Club Association President and CEO, Henry Wallmeyer, recently announced that the 2019 National Club Conference will take place on April 28-30, 2019. As is the case every few years, the 2019 Conference will be held in our nation’s capital. These “home games” allow the Association to put together an even stronger roster of speakers, including powerbrokers from D.C. Put this on your calendar now. You’ll hear about issues that could affect you and your club right from the people who can act on your behalf. As always, there will be plenty of time to network with the industry’s brightest stars and maybe see a cherry blossom or two. On another note, McMahon Group and the National Club Association have jointly published Club Trends for five years now. To assure a stronger and more effective working relationship, Bill McMahon, Jr., Vice President of McMahon Group, recently joined NCA’s Communications Committee, which is Chaired by Terra Waldron, CCM, ECM. This will help assure that the content of Club Trends augments a complete lineup of award-winning NCA publications. Congratulations Bill! CORNER Our complimentary First Impressions Visit is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of our club expertise. Our club specialist will visit your club, learn about its issues, tour its facilities and issue a First Impressions Report. We will also meet with you and your board to explain trends, review your club’s issues and recommend innovative solutions. To schedule, contact Alison Duffy at 314.744.5040 or . M c M ahon G roup F irst I mpressions ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission “To be the premier, full service, private club consulting firm providing facility, strategic, operational and research consulting for achieving private club excellence, promoting the well-being of the Club industry and enhancing the profession of club management.” Family owned since 1983 with a professional staff of planners, architects, funding specialists, survey/marketing specialists, graphic designers, PhD marketing/consumer researchers and club managers. We have served clubs throughout the world in all aspects of their facility, strategic planning, clubhouse, golf, membership, operations and dining needs. 35 YEARS I N B U S I N E S S OVER 2000 CLUBS S E R V E D WHAT WE OFFER • Facility Planning & Funding • Strategic Planning & Implementation • Membership Surveys & Research • Dining Consulting • Club Operational Reviews McMahon Group, Inc . 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 314.744.5040 11 4 5 9 The McMahon Report® | Volume 13, Issue 5 3 2 The McMahon Report® | Volume 13, Issue 5