The McMahon Report - Volume 14 | Issue 5

ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission “To be the premier, full- service, club consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs and their management with the best possible facility and strategic planning expertise to promote each clubs well being, to enhance the profession of club management and to assist presidents and boards in their delivery of effective governance.” Family and management owned since 1983 with a professional staff of planners, architects, funding specialists, survey/ marketing specialists, graphic designers, PhD marketing/consumer researchers and past club managers. We have served clubs throughout the world in all aspects of their facility, strategic planning, clubhouse, golf, membership, financial and dining needs. 36 YEARS I N B U S I N E S S OVER 2000 CLUBS S E R V E D WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding • Membership Surveys and Research • Dining Enhancement Consulting • Club Financial Reviews McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 2.5 BILLION R A I S E D 2 The McMahon Report® FROM THE PRESIDENT Updating Your Directions GPS software has made my life a lot easier. Searching for clubs around the country prior to that was challenging. I’d get direc- tions from the manager ahead of time, but clubs can be tricky to find and something seemed often to go wrong. Before I knew it, I was lost. Let me assure you, stopping in a gas station and asking for directions to the local country club typically results in either blank stares or directions to the nearest public golf course. While we can bemoan the downsides of mobile phones - distracted driving and loud talkers in quiet spaces are two that come to mind - Apple Maps and Waze are a godsend. Having seen what an improvement this made when out of town, I’ve used GPS a few times recently to get around St. Louis, and in a few instances, to places I’d been many times before. Interestingly, Siri has sent me on different, and frequently better, routes than I might otherwise have taken. Frankly it’s been eye-opening. This got me to thinking how new information and insights can be helpful, even when you already have a good sense of where you are going. A new perspective can show you what you’ve always thought was the best way to go may not be the case. That parallels the thinking behind our Strategy Refresher program. It builds on prior thinking you’ve developed about the direction for your club but updates it with new information on the outside world and introduces new approaches to your strategic challenges. Even clubs with good clarity of purpose can find that a fresh perspective can get themwhere they want to go more quickly and effectively. Give us a call if you want help updating your roadmap. You could be surprised, and pleased, with your new route. My best, Frank Vain, President For a limited time - Receive a Complimentary Strategic Issues Survey with your First Impression visit! To schedule or to learn more, visit or contact Alison McMahon Duffy at 314.744.5040 or Call us today!