The McMahon Report - Volume 15 | Issue 2

ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission: “To be the premier, full- service, club consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs and their management with the best possible facility and strategic planning expertise to promote each club’s well being, to enhance the profession of club management and to assist presidents and boards in their delivery of effective governance.” Family and management owned since 1983 with a professional staff of planners, architects, funding specialists, survey/ marketing specialists, graphic designers, PhD marketing/consumer researchers and past club managers. We have served clubs throughout the world in all aspects of their facility, strategic planning, clubhouse, golf, membership, financial and dining needs. 37 YEARS I N B U S I N E S S OVER 2000 CLUBS S E R V E D WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding • Membership Surveys and Research • Dining Enhancement Consulting • Club Financial Reviews McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 2.5 BILLION R A I S E D Dear friends and colleagues: As we face one of the most serious challenges in our nation, we as a club industry need to come together to do all in our power to promote safety for our members and employees. The National Club Association recently hosted a webinar that was particularly valuable in educating us on the challenges before us. Fortunately this virus will pass, but we have to follow the voluntary guidelines that the government and health officials are advising us to follow. We must minimize the virus to the extent possible with our cooperation. This McMahon Report focuses on targeted surveys and their need in solving specific challenges clubs have. And nowwe certainly have some challenges before us. We have to determine our new role with safety precautions to make clubs safe havens for our members’ usage. Also find in this McMahon Report, Frank Vain’s summary of the NCA webinar and NCA’s latest information available at THE AWARD WINNERS With the Dallas CMAA Conference and our Excellence in Club Management® Awards dinner seeming like light years ago with all that has been happening. We still need to congratulate the award winner as follows: James H. Brewer Award Robert Sereci, ECM, CCM Medinah Country Club Mead Grady Award Michael Smith, ECM, CCM, CCE The Country Club of Rochester Mel Rex Award Thomas Gaston, Jr., ECM The Pacific-Union Club John Furlong Award Peter Holt, ECM Hamilton Golf & Country Club Rising Star Award Brandon Johnson, ECM Farmington Country Club Lifetime Achievement Ted Gillary, ECM, CCM, CCE Detroit Athletic Club THE FUTURE BEFORE US I think we as an industry and as nations will have to rethink the future before us. This virus is our wake-up call that we must use to address a future much more challenging than any of us have ever faced before. So for now, lets followwhat our officials are recommending. Let’s become clean freaks, don’t expose others if you are not feeling well, keep your distance, and remember there is a higher being up there, somewhere, who does answer prayers. My best to all of you and let’s figure out the best way to get through this together. We still have members who need our help and clubs that need our leadership. We are counting on all of you to lead in these challenging times. Take care, Bill McMahon, Jr. Vice President FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT CONNECT WITH US ONLINE FOR VIDEOS, BROCHURES AND EVEN MORE UP TO DATE CLUB INFORMATION! 2 The McMahon Report®