The McMahon Report - Volume 15 | Issue 3

The McMahon “Refresh and Reset” program is a board and manager effort that quickly gets members’ input on a post Covid survey and then strategic plans for club reopening. The “Refresh and Reset” planning and survey is a special, low cost offering for this summer. input is available. And most importantly, the Covid strategic plan is com- pleted by the board and manager over a weekend, typically a Friday night and Saturday morning. And when McMahon is at your club- house we will also provide you input on how to re-function club- house areas from a facility layout and operations viewpoint. With a Covid-19 strategic plan in place, McMahon Group’s expertise from serving over 2,000 clubs is available to put into action the strategic initiatives for reopening and to re-energizing your club. McMahon’s team of experienced professionals in operations, finance, facilities, dining and COVID “REFRESH AND RESET” STRATEGIC PLANNING WITH REOPENING SURVEY I f ever there was a time to do some strategic planning for your club, it is now. Heretofore clubs could go with the flow in an ever expanding economy and stock market, but those days are over. Clubs now need to rethink their offerings and how they will provide them. This is not a time to bury one’s head in the sand and hope Covid-19 will just disappear. And even when we win this battle, there is always the next one we must prepare for. Summer Special Covid-Period Offering – This is specialized stra- tegic planning aimed at the Covid-19 impact. As such, McMahon Group has streamlined its Refresher Strategic Planning Process to help boards and managers take control of their club’s Covid-19 situation and to make “Lem- onade out of Lemons”. This is what real leadership is about. Special Post-Covid Offering With Reopening Survey membership allows us to use our backgrounds in club management, club ownership, facility expertise and problem solving to address your club’s needs. by Bill McMahon, Sr., AIA, OAA - Chairman STRATEGIC PLANNING The McMahon Report® 3 The summer reopening of clubs is now upon us, and we need to open with a strategic direction, by Refreshing and Restarting your strategic plan.