The McMahon Report - Volume 15 | Issue 3

environments (both in offerings and facilities). Allowing a club’s facility to run down in a recession- ary period is a sure way to destroy a club. A club is a luxury that most members can afford and justify if it is good enough. A question for each club is, is it good enough? Saving money by having an out- dated clubhouse, dated swimming pool, poorly maintained facilities and cutting back on programs is a sure way to lose existing and potential members. In these eco- nomic times members are looking for value, not the lowest dues or initiation fees in rundown clubs. So if we are to slip into a recession, each clubs’ board has to decide where to invest its capital dollars. W e are finally reawakening the Club world and trying to forget the nightmare we just lived through. And low and behold, as we come back to our clubs, we see the same facility challenges still facing us, but with a lot less money to fix them. And yet, we must. The natural temptation is to hun- ker-down and do as little as possible, to hold our breath until we are sure this crisis is over. Only this never happens as there is always another crisis. It is important to understand that existing and newmembers join and belong to clubs for enjoyment and gathering with friends in high-quality Why it Pays to Maintain Facilities in the Post-Covid Period Of course in country clubs, the first temptation is to continually upgrade the golf course, even when it has by far the highest, existing satisfaction ratings. There is really only one way to identi- fy the most needed facility additions or improvements, and that is by sur- veying the members. A quick facility survey tells us what newmembers will want to join the club and what existing members will want to stay in the club. So as your club reopens, look around and be sure your clubhouse, bar, locker rooms, swimming pool, etc. are well-maintained. If the facilities are worn out, then it is time to survey your members to build consensus on what to do and when to do it. Members don’t join outdated clubs. Make your existing members proud of their club and they will sponsor new ones. by Bill McMahon Jr. - Vice President FACI L ITIES The McMahon Report® 7