The McMahon Report - Volume 15 | Issue 5

ABOUT MCMAHON GROUP Our Mission: “To be the premier, full- service, club and HOA consulting firm dedicated to private club excellence by providing clubs, communities and their management with the best possible facility and strategic planning expertise to promote each club’s and community’s well being, to enhance the profession of management and to assist presidents and boards in their delivery of effective governance.” Family and management owned since 1983 with an outstanding professional staff. We have served clubs and communities throughout the world in all aspects. 37 YEARS I N B U S I N E S S OVER 2000 CLUBS S E R V E D OVER 150 HOA’S S E R V E D McMahon Group, Inc. 670 Mason Ridge Center Drive, Suite 220 St. Louis, Missouri 63141 • 314.744.5040 For more information or to schedule a First Impression Visit, contact Alison McMahon at WHATWE OFFER • Strategic Planning and Implementation • Facility Planning and Funding programs • Membership Surveys and Research • Operations Consulting • HOA Community Consulting 2.5 BILLION R A I S E D Dear friends: So many in our industry, if not all, have faced evolving and unparalleled change over the past seven months. Just when you thought you had a plan, the rules, not to mention the “goal line” changed. As we move out of summer into fall and football season, we here at the McMahon Group hope the goal line is stabilizing for you. The oft used French adage, “The more things change, the more they stay the same” is very appropriate for clubs during this pandemic. As club leaders, we must continue to listen to our members, provide quality, value, and consistency, maintain current facilities, while planning strategically for the future all while providing members a safe haven. A place where they feel as comfortable as they do in their own home. “The third place”. For the McMahon Group, one thing that will not change, is our commitment to Excellence in Club Management® and our Awards program. You will learn more within this issue and you can always find more information on criteria and the nomination process at . Nominations close in October. Also, in this issue you will find great articles on Refresher Strategic Planning, gated communities, the importance of “Future Facility Budgeting” and “Capital Strategies Modeling” and the role communication and feedback play in approving major projects. Please join McMahon and NCA on November 5th for our upcoming Club Trends Webinar with our alliance partners Kopplin Kuebler &Wallace and Club Benchmarking. Register for the webinar by clicking HERE . All of us at the McMahon Group hope that you enjoy the report, and remember, we are a phone call or email away for a quick question, a chat on any one of the services we provide. We call this service to help you, McMahon MD. Stay safe, be well and make someone smile today. Christopher Coulter, CCM, ECM Vice President of Club Consulting FROM THE VICE PRESIDENT CONNECT WITH US ONLINE FOR VIDEOS, BROCHURES AND EVEN MORE UP TO DATE CLUB INFORMATION! 2 The McMahon Report® PLANNING BETTER CLUBS FOR TODAY’S WORLD