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McMahon Group offers a wide variety of survey and market research products designed to meet the diverse needs of private clubs:

Comprehensive Surveys

Typically done every three to five years (and as the name implies) covers all aspects of a club’s facilities, operations and services; while also collecting input from the membership on strategic issues facing the club and potential capital improvements.

Improvement Program Opinion Surveys

An invaluable tool for testing member approval and acceptance of a significant capital improvement program before the club proceeds with an actual vote.

Strategic Issues Opinion Surveys

Allows for an in-depth presentation of sometimes complex strategic issues on which the club’s leadership needs member input, such as a restructuring of the club’s membership plan, the sale of club land or moving the club to a new location.

Food & Beverage Surveys

A deep dive into a club’s dining operations, which is, at most clubs, the most important club activity to members. What do members like? What don’t they like? What would cause them to dine at the club more often? What types of dining venues do they want (and will use) at the club?

Targeted Satisfaction Surveys

Similar to food and beverage surveys, targeted surveys are shorter than a comprehensive survey, and collect feedback on a specific club activity or department (golf, swimming, tennis, fitness, etc.)

Focus Groups with Exit Surveys

Focus groups allow members to participate directly in a discussion on a particular club issue or a variety of issues. A short survey at the end of the sessions allows McMahon to quantify the opinions of focus group participants on a variety of topics.

Employee Surveys

Satisfied employees contribute greatly to a satisfied membership.

Look for a more in-depth discussion of these surveys and market research tools in upcoming issues of The McMahon Report®.

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Tom has been with the McMahon Group since 1990, serving as head of the survey and market research division.  During that time, he has worked with over 1,500 private clubs on a wide variety of survey and research projects, achieving the rank of “Survey Guru” at McMahon.

Over the years, Tom has been a jack of many sports – golf, tennis, racquetball, squash, water skiing, snow skiing, running – but a master of none.  His current pastime passions are gardening, cycling and nature photography – often combining the latter two on rides at a lake near his home in suburban St. Louis.

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