Our Services

McMahon Group's primary goal is to serve our clubs and their leadership by helping to achieve maximum satisfaction for their members. We not only identify the challenges facing clubs, we work with board members and general managers to develop unique solutions. McMahon understands trends in the club industry and has unparalleled experience in every aspect of club life, including an acute understanding of club politics. We can provide objective, unbiased consulting that is essential for achieving club goals. Discovering the issues. Understanding the challenges. Applying proven solutions. Choosing to follow McMahon Group process will position your club for maximum success.

First Impressions are where it begins. 

It's likely that many of the leaders at your club understand there is a need for strategic planning and clubhouse/golf course improvements. It's just as likely that they cannot agree on the best way to accomplish their goals. That's why you need the objectivity, experience and expertise of McMahon Group.

We specialize in integrated consulting solutions, helping you recognize and prioritize issues while building consensus among the members. Through the McMahon Group process, club member preferences are revealed and general managers get valuable feedback, so the club's leadership can make the right decisions and club success is assured.