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Mixed Signals: Recent Economic Reports Point to Opportunities and Challenges for Clubs.

Much like the ever-changing and oft-times conflicting information we have been getting about the coronavirus, economic reports are also all over the place.

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The Town Club Story

A club which embraced the Covid challenge with a total remake to make changes. The Milwaukee neighborhood club was facing a membership struggle, deteriorating facilities, lack of funds for both operations and even small capital projects.

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Mentoring – A Job For Life

There is not a single club manager out there that would not benefit from a mentor at some point in their career.  But, one size does not fit all.  As I researched mentoring, I have come to the conclusion that there are anywhere from 3 to 9 types of mentors .  I have settled on 5 types of mentors, best described by Anthony Tjan in his book Good People:

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