Are your Club’s operations achieving and sustaining your Club’s mission?

Are your members’ daily experiences so successful, your club’s member utilization, member retention, and new member recruitment are achieving or exceeding your Club’s strategic goals? If not, understanding ‘WHY,’ is the first step in designing a strategic process that will redirect your club’s operations onto a path to success.

McMahon Group approaches assessing your Club’s operational performance with the same strategic process as it does when designing a comprehensive strategic plan for your Club.

New operational approaches can’t be designed and implemented until the Club understands why your Club’s status quo isn’t working; which starts with interviewing your key staff and listening to your members.

A McMahon Group’s Operational Assessment will engage in a systematic process that will reveal programming weaknesses, evaluate and recommend experience and expertise for positions not filled, review existing management systems and procedures, and make recommendations to implement new processes and procedures that fill voids. It will additionally evaluate your Club’s budgeting process and assist the Club in implementing a strategic management process going forward.

Whether it is your Club’s lackluster Dining and Hospitality performance, inadequate Human Resources and staff initiatives, or unsuccessful Club Communications, McMahon Group has the experience and expertise to evaluate where your Club is today and put you on a path to success well into the future.