Strategic Planning

Comprehensive strategic planning for each club is essentially understanding where a club is today and where it must go tomorrow, so it can be led to maximum success.

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No activity is more critical to a club’s future than having and following its own Strategic Plan. Nothing of a major nature should be done at a club, be it bylaw, governance, facility or operational in nature unless it promotes the achievement of the club’s mission (its purpose).

McMahon Group approaches comprehensive strategic planning from the Board and member perspectives by utilizing input from members and management team in the planning process with our principal consultants. With our principals having been Club Presidents, Board members, committee members and operators of clubs; no one brings the level of comprehensible knowledge to strategic planning as does Bill McMahon, Sr., Frank Vain, Christian Coulter, Kevin Carroll and Bill McMahon, Jr.

McMahon Group is a strong believer in realistic and practical strategic planning for private clubs as they face the new economic realities of a very value-conscious society. This type of intuitive planning requires good initial research and a broad understanding of club life. It requires more expertise than management search firms provide. It requires an all-encompassing expertise that only comes from belonging to and governing one’s own clubs.

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