Specialty Consulting

Over the past 40 years McMahon Group has assisted over 2,000 country/golf clubs, city/athletic clubs, developers, cities and gated residential communities with:

  • Board goal setting and responsibility consulting
  • Consultant-for-a-Day advisory services
  • Developer club conversions
  • Club mergers
  • New club formations
  • Clubhouse architectural evaluations
  • Existing conditions report
  • Value-engineering of clubhouse designs
  • Capital funding development
  • Mandatory membership programs
  • Marketplace competitive analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Operations review

In today’s complex club world, many club issues need to be addressed by someone that truly understands all aspects of club life.  Only McMahon Group has the extensive experience with clubs in providing financing, membership programs, facility planning, bringing consensus on challenging issues, mergers etc., that clubs face today.  Our principal consultants belong to clubs, serve on committees, have been club presidents and understand clubs from the members’ and managers’ viewpoints.

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