Taming The Two-Headed Food and Beverage Beast

A mature king feasting alone in a banquet hall
A mature king feasting alone in a banquet hall

Food and beverage at clubs is being pulled in two directions. Members are seeking both convenience and a memorable dining experience. Very often these member expectations are not being met at many clubs. 

The very real demands of these two seemingly competing values are further exaggerated in a club’s dining program as the dining program succeeds. The more members that come to the club, the more strain on the back of the house and food production area. These increases push the back of the house to grow or be redesigned. It often is the case that members want to come all at once. These peak hour meals place demands not only on the back of house facilities, but simultaneously on the methods of communication between the service staff and kitchen. The front of the house needs to satisfy the rapidly increasing member expectations for service response times. Club members may dislike the philosophy of technology filling the gap for staff productivity, but food and beverage nationwide is undergoing a re-balancing of automation compared with personal engagement. There are new tools that can be integrated into your food and beverage facilities by McMahon professionals that understand how to improve those facilities at your club.

Simply put, the club kitchens of yesterday are grossly underperforming. Don’t try to hobble together an improvement project piecemeal. We at McMahon can help with a comprehensive Food and Beverage facilities update to arm your club and staff with the weapons they need to slaughter and serve up this two-headed beast of convenience and memorable dining to your members. Learn about the success story of how Legends Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, FL tamed their two-headed beast in an upcoming edition of The McMahon Report®.  

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Richard has worked in private club management since 1992. His more than 24 years of experience as a Club Manager and Chief Operating Officer, achieving the highest levels of success in Board relations and as an operations specialist has garnered him well-earned acclaim in the industry. Successful management systems in team building, food and beverage, human resources, communications, marketing, golf, fitness, aquatics, and youth programming are all in the tool bag he carries with him when visiting clubs seeking help.

He has proven success in developing and implementing strategic plans along with master facility planning, kitchen and dining room design development, and construction management.

Richard is a Certified Club Manager (CCM) and Certified Chief Executive (CCE). He is the winner of the 2009 Mel Rex Award from the Excellence in Club Management® Awards (ECM); and, was awarded Club Manager of the Year by the Texas Lone Star Chapter in 2013 for his achievements and contributions to the private club industry. Richard is an active member of Les Amis des Escoffier, Chaine des Rotisserie, The International Wine Society and a lifetime honorary member of the Catering Executives Club of America.

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