The Big Six – How They Affect Your Club

20411748 - concept of businessman choosing the right door
20411748 - concept of businessman choosing the right door

Clubs are always looking to maintain a competitive advantage to attract the next generation of members to their club. Over the years of writing about private club trends, we have identified six major trends that affect people’s lives, which ultimately affect how they will use their clubs. It will be important for club leaders to ensure they address these trends in their club’s offerings to remain successful.

   1) Time-constrained Society: The biggest enemy in people’s lives today is time. There is less and less time to do the things people want due to work obligations and raising families. 

   2) Role of Women: In today’s world, a woman has just as much influence on what club the family joins today than ever before. They are working full-time and sharing the duties of raising the family.

   3) Sense of Community: The sole reason a club exists is to bring people together who have the same likes and desires. This is done through great facilities, but more importantly through fun programs that encourage participation.

   4) Health & Wellness: This important activity in clubs (third most important to members) is continuing to evolve and grow beyond just a fitness center as more people want to lead healthier lives. 

   5) Environmental Impact: Today’s younger members are putting a strong emphasis on making sure the organizations they are involved with are doing their part to make sure the environment is safe for the future. 

   6) Communications & Technology: An area that is rapidly changing how clubs operate with the goal of making the member experience frictionless. The technology is out there to make it happen.

We have been providing valuable insight on the trends shaping our industry through Club Trends (published with the National Club Association), Pulse Survey research and our membership benchmark database from thousands of club members. It has become a useful tool for leadership at clubs as they look to enhance their members’ experience. 

McMahon Group is giving any club who schedules a First Impressions visit a free annual subscription to Club Trends. Contact Alison McMahon Duffy at for more information.  

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