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Ensconced in popular culture by the pilot and co-pilot dialog before the flight: Flaps? Check. Rudder? Check.

The goal is to check all the vital systems on the ground, before the flight, just to make sure. Make sure all critical elements are working before going past the point of no return.

This procedure has a wide acceptance in highly-engineered and mission-critical environments; and, it is gaining ground in fields that were once thought to be a combination of art and science. Medical doctors are using checklists in their practices and surgeries, and architects are using checklists to make sure drawings show how to build a safe building before the first dollar is spent on heavy machinery clearing the ground for the new structure.

What is a checklist and how do you use it to improve your club?

A checklist is a predetermined list of every critical check that needs to be made to ensure an event or activity comes to a successful conclusion. Checklists are developed through forethought and experience. Having gone through a procedure numerous times and imagining or experiencing pitfalls along the way, experienced people naturally develop methods and procedures to help ensure greater success for each repetition in the future. The checklist is a written distillation of that experience and forethought. It reminds pilots to ask the questions that will help ensure a successful flight. Following the guide along the way helps keep everybody safe. You can develop checklists for critical tasks that remind you and your staff of the right questions to ask at the right time to help repetitive tasks go smoothly.

In clubs, planning and approving successful club facility programs can be like a giant step into the unknown. Unveiling an improvement program to members can seem like the moment the plane is lifting off the ground. There are limited opportunities for a safe return and seemingly limitless possibilities for critical failures. It could be like the Wright brothers taking their first flight, but it doesn’t have to be. The 5 Essential Steps for Planning & Approving Successful Club Facility Programs is a checklist developed through years of experience.

The five essential questions that need to be answered are:

    1. What do members want and need the club to be?
    2. What programs does the club need to support its mission and achieve its vision?
    3. What facilities does the club have today that provide that support and what does it need in the future?
    4. Where will all these facilities be placed?
    5. How do we communicate to our members the answers to the previous questions to build support for improving the club?
5 Steps
McMahon Group’s 5 Essential Steps for Planning & Approving Successful Club Facility Programs shows you how to discover the answers to each of these questions, in-depth, and it provides a checklist for improving your club. On the last page, there is a 19-item checklist specifically for club managers to successfully guide the club in facility projects. Call 314.744.5040 to request a copy.
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About Glen Selligman, AIA

Mr. Selligman joined McMahon Group in 1993, and since then has participated in the planning and design of more than 200 clubs. He directs all aspects of the clubhouse planning operations for club existing conditions reports, architectural plan reviews, facilities master plans, club improvement programs and golf course maintenance facilities. Glen takes a personal role in the design of every McMahon project and coordinates the work of our team of architects, engineers, designers and illustrators.

Glen is a graduate of the University of Arkansas School of Architecture, is a licensed architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects.

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