The Golf Simulator Comes of Age

Golf Simulator march 2024

Every Club with Golf Must Have This Social/Recreation Center

Golf’s popularity has outgrown its outdoor playing dimension, as starved golfers yearn for all-year and all-weather golf. But while teaching and lessons are a necessary learning and practice experience for golfers, simulator centers combine golf with entertainment. Much like at Topgolf, but provided in a club-centric way. 

Clubs have yearned to make themselves into more of a year-round social center for their members. The days of only seasonal use of clubs are over. The wellness/fitness center has been transformed for year-round training and conditioning. But the simulator provides the added element of entertainment. The big added feature of the golf simulator center, with its golf-game play, bar, dining and social interaction, is how it combines fun and entertainment while also helping to improve one’s game. Simulators are no longer just for golf pros to use for giving lessons at the end of the range or in the basement or attic of the pro shop.

For today’s golf and country clubs, like Quaker Ridge in New York, Butterfield in suburban Chicago and Bel Air in Los Angeles, the simulator center is a must. But it has to be properly designed so it can be used by all members, and to have all of the features that make it a social and recreation center, even in times when the club is closed. This is happening much in the same way as wellness/fitness centers operate in clubs today. 

We have to thank the Topgolf entrepreneurs for opening our eyes to the potential of making golf a year-round entertainment sport. Now it is up to us to expand our vision and offerings at our own clubs, to make golf entertainment a major club activity all year long.   

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