Understanding Your Club Facilities Is Key

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The most successful clubs are constantly evolving so they remain relevant to not only their existing members but to the next generation of members looking for a club experience. At the core of this experience is your facilities. 

Some initial questions you and your leadership must consider about your facilities as you start planning include:

  When was the last time your facilities were updated? Are you offering facilities members want?

  What is the condition of the existing mechanical, infrastructure and structural systems?

  Take a step back and look at how the private club world is evolving and take stock of how you are maintaining your relevancy.

Coming to grips with these issues will springboard the discussion about your facilities. 


St. Andrews Country Club


Before you plan

It will be critical for clubs to look at facilities strategically to ensure success. Below are some checklist items to keep you ahead of the game. 

1) Is the leadership aligned on the Club’s purpose when making decisions, especially with regard to facilities? This is critical for success. Don’t just add an amenity because your neighbor does. Look at it strategically and decide what amenities are most important to your club’s success and follow your club’s mission.

2) Constantly stay abreast of what trends are affecting members’ lives and how your club can capture this. Some of the facility trends blossoming around the club world include: 

   a) Year-round offerings,

   b) Indoor golf centers,

   c) Resort-style pool complexes, and

   d) Fun outdoor spaces.

3) Reach out to your members and get their feedback on what issues are affecting their happiness with the Club from facilities to programming. Listen to your members and develop a plan to provide what is most important to them. 

4) A thorough asset reserve study and existing conditions report is a great way to get a full understanding on the useful lives of many of your mechanical and kitchen systems as well as prioritizing the areas that need immediate improvement.  

Clubs must continually go through a renewal or rejuvenation about every ten years to remain relevant in today’s day and age. Things have rapidly changed in our society and members are putting a lot of stock in value. In most cases, gone are the days where just being a member was enough. People today want to make sure they are getting the best bang for their buck in their club. 

Maintaining and updating facilities is one of the most important factors in attracting and retaining members. Keep your leadership abreast of the condition and trends in our industry and plan your facilities strategically.   

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