Why The Facility Approval Survey Assures Facility Project Approval

Developing important club improvement projects is always a challenge for a Club’s leadership. Many hours of work by the Board, Manager and Planning Committee are spent developing a Member Survey, a Master Plan and finally presenting a needed project to the members. But when it is all said and done, the last step is the most important for getting project approval. It is the Facility Approval Survey (FAS). This is the ultimate step in presenting and winning approval of a project where the proposed project becomes the Members’ plan. Where ultimate buy-in occurs. Where the Members select what they will vote for.

Instead of Members voting on a major project after its first presentation, a project brochure and FAS questionnaire is sent to all members online and mailed in print format for members to read and study before completing the questionnaire. The FAS acts as a straw poll on these major aspects of the proposed project:

  1. The acceptability of the facility project.
  2. The acceptability of each component proposed in the facility project, and
  3. The acceptability of the funding plan.


From the results of the FAS, a Club learns what projects Members favor, how much they are willing to pay for them and which parts, if not all of them, the Members will approve. The FAS adds six weeks to a project’s approval time, and all but assures Member support and approval. It is the secret for getting major facility projects approved, saves thousands of dollars in fees, and eliminates much wasted time and frustration in getting the right projects approved the first time they are presented. Be sure to use the McMahon FAS on your next project.

Forty years of survey research and thousands of completed strategic and facility planning projects makes McMahon the go-to place for club success. Call McMahon Group and get started on your next membership survey today!

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